Would Wood Flooring Work in Your Home?

Wood flooring is the latest thing to capture the imagination of environmentally friendly house owners. It is a viable option that will enhance the appeal of your house many times over.

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Wood flooring will work in your home too. In fact, solid wood flooring is perfectly suited for any room that is above ground. Solid wood floors are best for living, dining and bed rooms. Though  basements cannot have this type of flooring. Basements can, however, be fitted with engineered wood floors.

What are engineered wood floors?

Engineered hardwood flooring

In engineered wood floors no compromise is made on the quality of the wood, but the manufacturing process involves multiple layering of wood veneers. The layers can be made of the wood of the same species or of a different species based on the conditions for added strength. Dimensional stability is accomplished by making the grain of every layer run perpendicularly. The impact of temperature and humidity fluctuation will be minimal as the wood expansion and contraction will be curbed by advanced engineering. The topmost layer of the floor would essentially be prepared out of the highest quality wood for sustainability. This means that there is a wood flooring solution available for the basement too.

There is a solution for everyone!

There is a solution available for every budget, style and preference.  Maple and ash woods have lighter textures which will make the room appear large and airy. Medium weight woods of oak and hickory will render the room warmer and cosier. Mahogany and walnut woods are darker and confer a polished and aristocratic look onto the room.

Which is the best wood for your floor?

The usage pattern of the floor will also play a role in assessing the kind of wood required for maximum durability. The ‘Janka’ scale rates the hardness and longevity of a wood species. This scale can be employed to arrive at the perfect wood for your flooring needs. Floors that are likely to experience high traffic need to be less liable to become damaged from dents and wear causing agents. You have the option of choosing a domestic species that ranks differently on the ‘Janka’ scale in terms of relative hardness. So, if you are a busy family with pets, you need not worry any more.

‘Janka’ scale

You can opt for a site finished floor to achieve the finish of your choice. It will have a bearing on the upkeep, floor lustre and stain setting process. You can literally accomplish any sort of customization you might have dreamt of. Factory finished floors offer lesser flexibility in terms of the degree of customization and you can choose from an array of pre-decided shades. The floor will be ready for walking on soon after installation, which is not possible with the site finished option.

You can score the maximum shine for your floor with a satin finish, whereas a matte finish will reflect light least. Matte finish can be used in a more classical setting.

satin finish vs matte finish

In order to know your options correctly, it is wise to hire a flooring contractor, who will make a survey of the home and will suggest the best alternatives available for flooring. They will also provide an estimate of materials required.

Final Caveat

With so many options for every type of floor area, it would be right to say that wood flooring will work for your home.

Author: John Clax

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