How to Make a Windsor Chair

We all know what a Windsor Chair is, but have you seen a well-crafted, quality Windsor Chair that speaks about its creator? Well, it is one thing to appreciate it, and another to create it. While I was looking for videos and articles on how to make a Windsor Chair, I received an email from Mike Dunbar. (Lucky for me!)

He had made Windsor chairs for 45 years. Beginning in 1980 he taught Windsor chair-making around the United States and Canada. In 1994 he and his wife Susanna gave the craft a permanent home when they opened a school named ‘The Windsor Institute’.  Their program of classes was recognized throughout the world.  They taught as many as 35 classes a year with a maximum of 28 students.  Roughly, they’ve taught Windsor chair-making to about 6,500 people.

In 2016 they retired and closed The Institute. However, those who were unable to attend a class wanted their help. On a popular demand, they decided on a solution: to videotape their celebrated introductory sack back class and post it on a YouTube channel. That way, anyone can now take their class for free, without ever having to leave home. Here’s his video:

You can follow the link below to view the series on Youtube.



Author: John Clax

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