What To Get My Dad For Christmas – 20 Best Ideas

What To Get My Dad For Christmas For weeks now, you’ve been trying to think of “what to get my dad for Christmas”? What could it be? And then finally it struck you that for a woodworker like him, there’s no better gift than a wooden object. Should it be work-related or something out of the work sphere? If you still need to refine your thoughts, take a look at the ideas we have for woodworking gifts for Dads:

  1. Knife Block: All you need to make a customized knife block is a to have a few spacers and some hardwood stock. You can customize this project to accommodate any number of knives. Here’s a great knife block plan for you.
  2. Cribbage Board: Here’s a classic board game. This essentially is a piece of wood with more than 240 holes drilled into it. To drill the holes, you will need to have a CNC machine fully programmed and a template to bore the holes using a drill. You can customize the cribbage board by using different kinds of wood and make an excellent X’mas gift of it.
  3. Coat Rack: Here’s a practical gift that everyone in the family will thank you for. To have at the entrance of your home is great news. Make it from solid wood and glue it together, doing away with screws and nails. Soft maple is a good option but you could also choose from oak, pine or birch or whichever wood matches the furnishings or trims of your home. The perfect gift of wood for your Dad.
  4. Side Box: Creating this gift for a woodworker is a great way of showing off your skills, even if only to your Dad. All you need to have is a piece of wood with an elegant linear grain pattern and you’re good to go. It needs more skill to create this one than an ordinary trinket box. For example, you will have to take care that its sides are so made that it looks as if the wood grain flows smoothly across its facet, around the corner and into the neighbouring facet and then all around the box without any break.
  5. Boot Rack: You can build a charming boot rack for your woodworker Dad, particularly if you want to celebrate a white Christmas. You can get this gift ready for your Dad by making this fixture using stock lumber and two-inch dowels so that the outside mud and slush remain there. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to build it, you can buy this boot rack – White Finish Solid Wood Storage Shoe Boot Bench Shelf Rack
  6. Laminated Cutting Board: Here’s a useful and practical gift for someone like your Dad who loves cooking in his free time. So, obviously he’d love to receive this one from you. By making this cutting board, you can exhaust your stock of scrap and give your father just what he enjoys. You can check some cutting board plans here.
  7. Convertible Step Stool and Chair: This twin gift is as elegant as it is challenging to make, so if you want to gift this to your Dad in time for Christmas, you’ll have to start work immediately. It’s made of solid wood and comprises a small step stool and chair all in one piece of furniture. It’s so handy that anyone who sees it is going to want one for himself too. Check this out over here.
  8. Luminaries: You can make a Mexican lantern from sand and a paper bag and a candle placed inside. To add some Christmas accents to it, you can cut out a traditional star on to the lamp shade and enjoy the warm glow of light that comes out of the star pattern. Set it up on your patio or walkway and enjoy its beauty.
  9. Lazy Susan: If your family has always been wanting to convert the existing dining table into one with a lazy Susan, you can take the opportunity to do this now. Pick out a basic version of a lazy Susan and add your own touches to it.
  10. Card Holder: If you’ve already started getting a whole horde of Christmas cards from friends all over the world, you’re not going to get enough room to put them up on your Christmas tree. So, how about fixing them on a wooden tree? Cut out small boards into incremental lengths and paint them in traditional colors of Christmas. Then, nail them to the middle post so that you make a tree skeleton. Stick the cards to the branches of this tree so that your family and friends can see these cards during the entire season.
  11. Last Man Standing Peg Game: This age-old game is popular even today, among adults and kids. It’s very similar to checkers, so it can be great fun for everyone.
  12. Custom Cardboard Cabinetry: If there’s a closet carpenter inside you waiting to unleash his talent, why not take this opportunity to display your talents now? Design a cabinet using cardboard and watch your Dad wonder how you did it.
  13. Wooden Watch: If you have a smart watch face, you can refurbish it with a wood casing to give it a rustic appeal. It may take up a lot of your time, but if you use the appropriate instructions, you can make a good job of it. Or you can buy one over here – KOMONO KOM-W2021 Winston Winston – Gold Wood
  14. Tic-Tac-Toe Game: Yet another all-time favorite game, you can make the portable version of it and present it to your Dad to take whenever the family’s out on a picnic.
  15. Candle Sconce: An elegant candle sconce is easy to make with instructions. To add elegance to it, make a leaf or flower design and you’ll have your own customized pattern of this.
  16. Adirondack Chair: Make an Adirondack chair for your father. This isn’t difficult to do, but certainly time-consuming.
  17. Personalized Wooden Wine Case: If your Dad is a wine-lover, you can’t not make this one. Personalize it by etching his name in wood. Here are a few wine rack plans.
  18. Napkin Holder: Use 1/2″ thick quarter-sawn white oak for this project. It’s easy to make and you can finish it fast too.
  19. No-Miter Picture Frame: Here’s a fast way of making a photo frame, particularly if you don’t like to cut miters. Cut the rabbet that has the glass, backer board and picture and cut the corner joint.
  20. Handcrafted Beer Tote: Make a wooden beer tote that he can carry around anywhere. You can see how to make it over here.


With these projects, it shouldn’t be difficult to decide on that one gift for your woodworker Dad. You still have some time to make one for him, so go ahead and do it now.

Author: John Clax

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