What Is Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

What exactly is reclaimed wood furniture? How may this be of any benefit to you? Many years ago Bridges, homes and other building, docks and many other large structures were constructed from virgin wood.  At some point in time these structures will come to an end and the structures will be demolished or removed. At this point beautiful air dried wood is left behind and this wood can be recycled into making new and useful things. One such thing is furniture. Reclaimed wood furniture is now becoming more popular than ever. The material is in abundance and since it is very strong and the durability is great because of its aired dried nature this type of wood is given first preference when making new furniture.

Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

Why is the specialty of reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture is special since it has a soft yet natural feature with interesting grains and knots. The grooves and imperfections give the furniture a unique look and feel to the owner. It’s the best alternative to generic plastic furniture. Reclaimed wood furniture gives off a vintage look and so with the required care this furniture can last very long and can be passed on to the next generation.

This helps in reducing our carbon footprint

Who doesn’t support recycling now? Many if not everybody support recycling. Giving this wood a second life and saving the environment while doing it and still getting the durability and quality of furniture will need at the same time is a win-win situation for everyone. No more trees have to be cut down.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is very popular now not only because it’s recycled material and by using we help save the environment. Other reasons why this wood is so popular now includes the fact the it has a very unique appearance and with each piece a great detail of history lies within it. The wood is also very durable, strong and stable. The reclaimed wood furniture is said to be much stronger due to the lack of air pollution it received before the 20th century and most of these woods that were used were from virgin timber which had to grow for hundreds of years before humans got their hands on it.

Reclaimed wood furniture is more durable

Because reclaimed wood has been exposed to many changes in humidity for a great period of time many companies who produced reclaimed wooden furniture often boast that this furniture will be much more stable than of those made from fresh timber. So for example with flooring applications reclaimed wood would make an ideal choice since the wood has already dealt with expanding and contracting for several years or even decades and have experienced climate change and weather changes as well. Having wood that is much more stable will keep your furniture looking great. You should go and look at some reclaimed wood furniture. You may be surprised by the quality and the way it looks. Compared with the costs of new furniture and the benefits reclaimed wood furniture should be the choice and already is for many persons.

Author: John Clax

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