What Are Faux Wood Wall Panels?

An overview of what are faux wood wall panels, how to use them, and where to use them.

faux wood wall panelsPerhaps, you are thinking of renovating your home and wondering how to give it a new look and make your space look more appealing. How can your home stand out from the others? One obvious answer that comes to mind is the inclusion of faux wood wall panels. These panels won’t just add originality and flair to your home but your friends and family will love its uniqueness.

Though there are several kinds of faux panels that you can choose from today, one popular kind is faux wood wall panels. It feels good to use faux wood panels in your home if you think of just how expensive real wood is and totally unaffordable for some. Besides, wood has its own appeal in the comfortable feeling it lends to any room. Though faux wood panels aren’t the real thing, yet they look as real as wood and can be successfully used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and saunas. They are also used in commercial setups like hotels and offices to give an air of sophistication.

Make your walls look dramatic: This decorative accent consists of panels, sheets or blocks of wood, plywood, hardboard or timber. By adding paneling to your walls is one of the surest ways of beautifying them. These panels can be fixed on the walls and immediately your damaged walls can look like new. They are cheaper alternatives to wall panels drawn from genuine oak, rosewood, walnut, redwood, etc that can cost you the earth.

You can choose faux wood panels from a range of sizes, patterns and grains. They mimic the real wood to the extent that they maintain the rustic look of real wood without the expense.

How faux wooden panels are made: Usually, faux wood panels are made out of PVC or composite wood. They are also a blend of hard wood chips and vinyl.

Types available:

Cordless faux wood panels: These are ideal for you if you are worried about your safety. The cords in these panels are not dangerous to the user as they are posted at specific lengths.

Routless faux wood panels: Here, the cords are passed through each slat which helps to reduce the incoming light to a room. In homes and offices, this kind of wood panel helps prevent any leakage of light from TV and computer monitors.

Motorized faux wood panels: The angle of these blinds is adjustable using remote control.

PVC faux wood panels: Though expensive, these panels are lightweight and manageable.

How to use faux wood panels: To paint faux wood paneling, clean it and tape the area around. Use caulk to fill the seams between pieces of paneling. Once the caulk cures, apply latex primer to the wall with a thick roller brush. Leave the primer to dry and then add a second coat of it. Over this, give the wall two coats of paint and see the visible difference this makes to your room.

Why faux wood panels are popular: Wood is by far the most popularly used panel type used chiefly for its versatility. Wood can blend with the design elements of any room, such as its furniture , making it most sought after.




Author: John Clax

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