Uba Tuba Granite Reviews

Uba Tuba GraniteMany people are searching for uba tuba granite reviews and here’s what we have to say. The fact that the Uba Tuba granite is available in a wide variety of colours forces most people to ask, “What colour is uba tuba granite?” This Brazilian strain of granite is originally excavated from an igneous rock, composed largely of mica and quartz. It has large colour variations, and it’s common to see this granite in green, black and brown. However, primarily it is dark green and has lighter flecks in green, brown, white, turquoise blue, gold and black.

Part of the uniqueness of this kind of granite is that its colour varies from one slab to another and within slabs too. Depending on the section of the quarry it is extracted from, it can have a lighter strain, or darker and perhaps more or less of other colours in its basic pattern.

Its grain pattern is tightly packed and its surface has very few veins, since most of its pattern comprises big and small quartz pieces. Certain slabs of this granite show up very small veins in gold, white or turquoise that separate the larger colour pieces.

In the marketplace, this form of granite is known variously, such as Verde Labrador, Butterfly, Verde Ubatuba, Verde Uba Tuba or Green Labrador.

Uba tuba granite countertops for the kitchen

One of the most frequently chosen materials for kitchen countertops apart from wood is the Uba Tuba granite. It is quarried in unimaginable amounts and shipped to all parts of the world. Still, most people find it an affordable strain of granite. Its wide colour palette and remarkably low price are strong reasons for this stone to make its way into the bathrooms and kitchens of the most discerning and quality conscious people in all parts of the world.

How to choose uba tuba for your kitchen

If you’re wondering how to match your kitchen cabinets with this versatile and natural stone, here are a few tips:

  • To colour coordinate your kitchen cabinets with your uba tuba granite, choose a strain of this stone with colour flecks drawn from the cabinet. You can make a dramatic statement by contrasting black uba tuba granite countertops with white cabinets. It will present a modern and clean look.
  • If your kitchen is unusually small, you can help make it look larger by using light coloured uba tuba granite. If you want to give it a coordinated look, ensure that the colour of the countertops and the island are in a light shade of uba tuba granite.
  • If you’re on a mission to make your kitchen stand out for the wrong reasons, only then should you mix granite countertops with a contrasting granite upright surface.
  • If the colour of the cabinet is the same as that of the granite, it can appear as one big stretch of the same
    colour, say gray or brown. For best effect, choose a colour that’s part of the veins of the granite you’ve chosen so that everything looks well-defined and lively. For instance, you can team up cherry red wooden cabinets with blue, green or gray granite.
  • Not only are lighter granites softer and more permeable than their darker counterparts, but they also hide dirt and dust better.
  • You can use tuba tuba granite for the backsplash or side splash in your kitchen. Check this one out here.

Using uba tuba in different parts of your home

Uba tuba can successfully be used in different parts of the house, such as:

Kitchen counters

Uba Tuba granite is a much better and sturdier kitchen countertop option that easily blends with darker tints of floor tiles. In fact, black goes well with just about any other colour. Meanwhile, by using darker brown hues of Uba Tuba granite you can match stain colours of kitchen cabinets. You can also use light coloured cabinets with Uba Tuba countertops.


USA tuba is a great alternative to wood as fas as bathrooms are concerned. If you have smaller bathroom countertops, using Uba Tuba granite can help greatly to give a larger than is effect. Being waterproof, uba tuba won’t spoil for years. By having a large mirror, it will reflect light to the countertop which will reveal the stone’s natural beauty. To match the tone of the bathroom counters, you can have taps made of bronze, copper or brass.


Wall shades can match, oppose or complement the design of the countertop. If you choose wallpaper for the bathroom with shades of white, beige, light brown or gray, it will give a bright look to the room and will complement the granite.


If you have uba tuba granite laid on your dining table, it should be attached to a wall so that it is not moved even accidentally. While the wall holds up the table at one end, a vertical slab, rooted to the floor, lends support to the other end. Your dining room chairs can be made to match the cabinets in your kitchen, the tiles on the floor or even the carpet in the room next door. One granite slab allows for a small table for two to remain one side of the main kitchen.

Maintenance of ubatuba granite 

Uba Tuba isn’t unique only in appearance, it is also No. 1 in maintenance and durability. Today, it is the market leader in density and is value for money because it remains unchanged for years, despite all wear and tear. It is also stain and scratch-resistant and does not spoil if liquids are spilled on it, or if damaged by sharp objects.

To conserve its resistant characteristics, it is usually recommended to reseal the countertop every few years. To keep it clean, it only needs to be washed with soap and lukewarm water, using a natural and non-abrasive cleaner. You can also apply granite polish every couple of years so that its fresh, new look is preserved.

Ubatuba granite vs. hardwood

Hardwood is everyone’s favorite because it looks classy and is highly durable. However, ubatuba granite need not be used in isolation but in combination with hardwood. Both have the same qualities of durability, elegance and robustness. So, while hardwood can be used to make the cabinetry, ubatuba granite can be used to complement it by laying it on the countertop.

With minimal maintenance, Uba Tuba will remain beautiful for years to come, making it an ideal investment for anyone in the market for a classy and reliable stone at an affordable price. However, it is wise to read as many uba tuba granite countertop reviews on the Net before you choose the right shade of uba tuba.

Author: John Clax

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