Top 8 Trestle Table Plans

trestle table plansTrestle tables have been around since the Middle Ages. But unlike modern trestle table plans, ancient trestle tables were simple. It was made of a few boards across two stands – a very practical approach to enjoying their meals and roast. Much of these you can see in gardens or parks.

Throughout the years, trestle tables designs have gone through an evolution. Some come with very ornate and complicated forms. However, the basic design (made of two pedestals and a horizontal stretcher) is still commonplace and can seem to blend well with any design era.

Although trestle table designs greatly vary, the materials and tools used still remain the same. Usually, these tables are made of hard wood such as oak, maple, pine or other similar wood types. Aside from wood, some designers also use metal or other synthetic material. As for the materials, you would need circular saw, plate joiner, hand drill, router, plane, mallet, chamfer bit, and the usual woodworking tools you commonly use in your table-making projects.

There are numerous trestle table plans that you can find online. Depending on your woodworking skills, you can choose which one you prefer to DIY. Here let’s check some plans.

1. Basic trestle table

This woodworking plan offers the most basic layout for making a trestle table. The trestle table would be a great dining table. It comes with diagrams to guide you through each and every step of the project. It’s simple and easy to follow – you can complete it in one weekend. The best part is that you can customize the size of the table so that it suits your preference.

Check the plan over here. 

2. Trestle table by Shanty 2 Chic

This table plan gets inspiration from a table with a two-grand price tag. What makes it special is that you can practically copy the dining table at just around $100. The illustrations and cutting diagrams are all color-coded making it easier to understand and follow. The Website also has other woodworking projects that you might want to do.

You can see this plan here.

3. Table Plan by The Design Confidential

This 40-inch deep, 7-feet long dining table plan should be an easy project. It looks very chic and modern with the faux metal legs (actually they’re just wood painted with metallic color). The plan is simple and comes with colored illustrations and clear instructions. It describes the steps very vividly as so you won’t ever go wrong.

Check this plan’s details here. 

4. Monastery Table Plan by Rogue Engineer

This free trestle table plan, with dimensions of 30-inch height, 63-inch width and 38-inch depth, is perfect for starters. Perfect for any dining room, the feet of this table is unique but you can surely build it yourself. The pictures and instructions are carefully laid out that anyone with average woodworking skill can build it. What goes along with this table plan are the tool list, cut list and materials. To make the entire project a breeze, make sure that you have all these necessities ready!

See this plan. 

5. Shaker Trestle Table by Popular Woodworking

This trestle table plan follows the Shaker style. Its beauty is derived from its simplicity. It comes with the standard two-pedestal design with single stretcher grounded on the bases. The plan is easy to follow and the instructions are clear cut – the result is just awesome!

Check this trestle table plan here.

6. Modern Trestle Table by Fine Woodworking

If you want to build a trestle table that gets the classic design but looks modern, then this table plan fits the bill. Holding the base together are the motise-and-tenon joints plus lap joints. They are cut and shaped precisely so that they fit perfectly when assembled. Don’t get deceived by the gently curved edges at the top – it may look complex but actually it’s easy to do. To make it, you just combine two simple edge treatments, an arc and a bevel. This table has a dimension of 72 inch length, 36 inch width, and 30 inch height.

The plan is right here.

7. Intermediate Trestle Table Plan by Taunton Store

For those who consider themselves to have intermediate woodworking skills, then this table plan should be your pick. The table plan can be adapted to suit your design preferences. Some of the techniques you will use are machine-cut breadboard ends and hand-cut through-mortise and tenon joints. The instructions carefully describe the size of tenons and proceed through each stage of the building process. You can choose to start from the lumber milling to painting. You can also do adjustments with the dimensions to suit your requirements. Each plan comes with a complete set of cutlist and building guides.

Check out this treble table plan here.

8. Pedestal Trestle Dining Table by Ana White

This nicely designed table measures 90 inch long, 40 inches wide and 31 inches high. The plan provides comprehensive and detailed instructions that go through each stage of the building process. It comes with very easy to follow instructions, cutlist and guides; plus some helpful tips that you would surely find helpful with all your future projects.

You can read its detailed instruction here.

There you have some simple trestle table plans that you might want to try. Choose one and start making your own trestle table project!

Author: John Clax

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