Top 10 Spice Rack Plans

spice rack plansWorking in your kitchen every day demands a certain kind of order and discipline. One form of this is to put everything in its place. So, why not have a dedicated space for all your spices so that you need only to reach out for what you want?

So, put all your creativity into action and build yourself a spice rack, using one of the below-mentioned ones. It will give your kitchen a neat look and will be time-saving for you too. Here are 10 top spice rack plans to choose from:

1. Ana White’s DIY Door Spice Rack Plan: Use two boards 10 feet long and a 1/4″ plywood sheet for the back of the rack. Use pre-drill holes, glue and finish nails for a strong hold. Check out the details over here.

2. DIY Magnetic Spice Rack Plan: Use metal spice containers rather than glass as sometimes they could fall off the rack. Metal sheets measuring 24″ x 48″ can be used along with drywall screws, cordless drill and magnetic tape. You can find this plan over here. 

3. Wooden Toy Plans’ DIY Spice Rack Plan: This spice rack can be made out of pine sheets, 3 metres long. This rack is made using a power drill, jigsaw, woodworking clamps and finish nails. It can be made over a weekend as a DIY project. Here’s the plan for you 

4. Ron Hazelton’s DIY Spice Rack Plan: This spice rack is custom-made to store dried herbs and spices in an organized manner and within arm’s reach of the cook. It can be made in much the same way as you would make a small cabinet. With 4×8 sheets of oak veneer plywood, 3/4″ thick, you can make the framework of your spice rack and stain it for better effect. You can find this plan here.

5. The Sawdust Diaries’ DIY Wood Spice Rack Plan: Here’s a compact double shelf rack built on the inside of a cabinet door. How’s that for saving space in a tiny kitchen? Plywood is given a breezy green color which makes it stand out easily. Click here to find out more.

6. Fake-It-Frugal’s In-Drawer DIY Spice Organizer: If by standing your bottles of spices, you can’t seem to find what you want, here’s an inexpensive way of organizing your spices so effectively that you find what you want when you want it. Here, you take a piece of 3-inch cardboard and line your drawer with it. Then, bend it in half down the length. Fix it in your drawer, point it side up and arrange your spices. Check it more.

7. The Family Handyman’s DIY Spice Rack Plan: Elisa Bernick shows you how to make a spice rack in a tiny kitchen. This is done very innovatively by fitting a curtain rod about two inches from the back of an already prepared kitchen cabinet. Place your spices on this rack and they will sit very comfortably. Click here to see this plan 

8. Jami’s Wire and Nail Hanging Spice Holder Plan: One of the most creative spice rack plans! Using nails, floral wire and glass jars, Jami twisted the wire and set it around the necks of the bottles. By making a loop on the top of the wire, she was able to hang it around the nails on the wall, near the stove. Check it out over here 

9. Vintage Wooden Spice Rack Plan: Here’s a wonderfully crafted spice rack with a typically retro appeal. It also has hooks at the back in case you want to mount it on the wall. It accommodates six spice bottles with stoppers and labels on the front. You can view details over here.

10. Sheesham Wood Spice Box Plan: This practical wooden box for a spice container is appealing since it can hold nine spices. Also, the authentic red colour of Sheesham wood is also very appealing. It has an ethnic look and an antique look. Click here to find out more.


These are but a sampling of the many styles of spice rack plans available online. To know more, browse the Net.

Author: John Clax

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