Top 10 Jewelry Box Plans

jewelry box plansWith the holidays approaching, perhaps you too are thinking if you really can do some cheaper gift shopping. Perhaps you can, if you are good with woodworking. You can make some unique and useful jewellery boxes for all your lady friends, something they are sure to enjoy using.

Here are the top 10 jewelry box building plans for you to choose from:

1. Ana White’s “Easy-to-make” Jewelry Box Plan: Here’s an exciting jewelry box that can easily be made. This free woodworking plan provides a list of all the necessary tools and materials required to make it, plus an illustration of the box’s dimensions. You can make this one out of plywood. Here’s where you can find this plan.

2. Oak Jewelry Box Plan from Instructables–Free: This plan consists of nine steps to create a jewelry box, apart from the materials and tools you’re going to need for the total project. You can also see several pictures to know how to move forward in this project. Use oak wood to get a really good jewelry box. See this plan here.

3. Ana White’s Plan for an Exquisite Jewelry Box: This creation of Ana White comprises extra drawers and so is more complicated to create. Yet, she makes it easy by including instructions, tools and materials required for this job. This jewelry box can be made within $50 using lumber and impressive hardware and knobs. Check this plan here.

4. Minwax’s Box Plan– Jewelry: This plan is aimed at beginners. Here, instructions are presented in text, rather than in pictures. You can make this trinket box either in mahogany or white oak. Instructions are given here for you to create a beautiful felt-based jewelry box in which you can put your watches, rings and gems so that they are easy to locate. For details of cutting requirements, tools and materials required, download the PDF file with these instructions. You can find it here.

5. Woodworking Crafts’ Free Treasure Chest Plan: Made in pure red mahogany, this jewelry box looks great with shellac polish. Here, the instructions are laid out differently from others, making the jewelry box more difficult to create. However, what’s included are pictures of each stage of the building process and illustrations denoting how to assemble it. There’s also a list of cuts and text help. Take a look at this plan over here.

6. Trinket Case Plans from Popular Woodworking: In this category, there are three free plans:

  • A regular jewelry chest
  • A Twister jewelry case
  • A Dovetailed Box plan for keepsakes

There’s enough and more information on each plan, so you can never go wrong here. Check it here.

7. Craftsmanspace’s Jewelry Chest Plan: This jewelry box also doubles up as an embroidery kit for threads, embroidery needles, scissors, etc. It is small enough to fit compactly in storage spaces. This free plan comes with ample instructions for you to go by, so you can’t go wrong in creating this one. You can find this plan here.

8. Woodworking Downloadable Plan by Woodcraft: Here’s a plan that’s different from the others above it. For one, it isn’t for free. Second, there are no materials included, but just a plan. And third, the item itself is unique in its features. For instance, it has routed drawer pulls and handles made in bird’s eye maple that raises this walnut jewelry case to a different class. The carousel on the left displays hanging necklaces so that they don’t get entangled. The item is 10″ tall and 6″ deep. Check it here.

9. MLCS’ Secret Compartment Jewelry Box with Inlay Top: Here’s a different wooden jewelry box that’s lined with felt and has a heart inlaid on the top. Ample instructions along with pictures are given to understand and follow. It’s PDF is here.

10. CanadianHome Workshop’s Jewelry Box: What makes this jewelry box so striking is its choice of woods–Brazil’s yellowheart and West Africa’s padauk. If one is bright yellow, the other is a complementary maroon. These two hardwoods make up a neatly built jewelry box that anyone can use. You can see this jewelry box plan here.

These are the top 10 jewelry boxes that you can create, depending on your skill level, money and time.

Author: John Clax

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