Small Woodworking Projects that Sell

Practically any item that you will introduce to the market must have a reasonable price tag for it to be well-accepted and that includes small woodworking projects. Let’s all face it. The more affordable an item is, the easier it is to sell. You can get inspiration from the list below.

Wooden Benches

The reason why benches are a hot seller is the fact that everyone would always need a place to sit on. And if you will make your imagination work to your advantage, you can come up with designs suitable for porches or gardens. Good profit margins are waiting for you since benches are rather easy to construct thus giving you faster turnaround time compared to the more complicated small woodworking projects.

Wooden Bench

Picnic Table

A good thing to go with wooden benches, a sturdy picnic table is also a great hit in the market. You can either design it to be fixed or foldable since different folks have varying tastes. Some would want to just keep their picnic table hidden instead of displaying it somewhere in the garden. Foldable designs are easier to keep until it is needed. If you want you can even try using pallets to make picnic table. That ways it won’t cost you much.

Picnic Table

Cutting Boards

These days, an increasing number of people are getting more fascinated in improving their culinary skills. If you are a business-minded individual, you will instinctively see the selling potential of small woodworking projects like cutting boards. You can make your products stand out from the rest by using unique designs and exotic timbers for added effect.

cutting board

Wooden Boxes

Generally speaking, women are finicky when it comes to orderliness in the home. But most women are also into the habit of buying a lot of things out of whim including those things that they no longer need. And so goes the call for for storage. Wooden boxes are also a hit online, especially if you can create impressive designs with divisions and other eye-catching embellishments. Think of jewelry boxes or wooden treasure chests and get motivated from there. These can be easily made and don’t require much expertise.

Mini chest

Keychains, Book-markers and Wooden Photo Frames

These small woodworking projects make excellent gifts because of their affordability. You can even make use of your scrap wood instead of throwing them away. All it takes is a little creativity on your part and a good marketing venue to make these items sell. If you ever run out of ideas, there is always an overabundance of websites focused on crafts from which you can get inspiration. Who knows? More items would surface during your search that would trigger your creative juices to flow.

What makes this list so interesting is the fact that you can sell it for less than $100. With this price, people won’t have many qualms shelling out money from their pocket. Even the most penny-pinching shopper will easily give in to buying a gift item that falls within this price range. And if you are thinking of putting your craftsmanship into action, consider any of the small woodworking projects mentioned above and you will most certainly find yourself getting your hands busy on a profitable business.

Here’s a great resource that has over 9,000 different plans and designs – both easy and small.

Author: John Clax

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