Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas For Furniture

The Idea Of Shabby Chic As A Style

Shabby chic living room looks can come from very old, simple, comfortable, informal and uncluttered designs and set-up. The idea is to keep old furniture in a modern environment. Apart from all this the chic look exudes a stylish yet elegant picture. The basic living room décor should serve its purpose first and at the same time it could reflect a theme like some particular era. Unique pieces may be displayed to depict one’s taste.

The living room is the place where the inmates spend most of their time. There could be a small coffee table with a couple of sleek chairs as a cosy corner. The central seating arrangement can be made comfortable with abundant cushions. It is not necessary to place all the pieces of furniture made of the same material. Solid wood, metal, wrought iron, vintage leather pieces can all be mixed and matched aesthetically. The furniture can be draped with fabric of light breezy colours. Natural earth colours and different shades of white give a soft and yet not too stark kind of look.

shabby chic table

Effects Of A Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby chic living room ideas can be very feminine and charming. The area creates an ambience, which can be very calm and peaceful. The furniture pieces need to be comfortable and not look too modern, trendy and out of place. Different styles from different parts of the country or world or across different times can be collected and added to the living room to add some fun. Colourful floral prints on the fabrics can add some colour to the light hued setup. The favoured colours are different shades of white, beige, cream, pastel shades and the fabric used is cotton, linen, silk, jute.

shabby chic table for living room


In order to keep shabby chic ideas in mind for the living room one can go hunting for furniture, which resembles antique pieces. The room can be painted in white, cream, light pink, light blue type of shades. Every time the walls are painted the previous layers are not removed. This is an advantage in maintaining the interiors as well as cutting down on the cost. At some places where the paint layers are exposed they need not be a cause of worry for the inhabitants for it only adds to the character and is in sync with the idea of shabby chic.

Shabby Chic Beyond Living Room

Shabby chic living room ideas can be extended to the balcony or even the garden outside. The furniture there too could be of yester years. The entire effect turns out to be chic but at the same time not formal. This type of casual, relaxed look makes the visitor feel very comfortable and at home.

shabby chic garden furniture

Arrangement And Layout

Such kind of interiors can be used to maintain tradition and at the same time it can show one’s inspiration. Certain themes can be clubbed with the antique and traditional furniture setup. Music, sky, sea are some examples of interior themes that can add charm. The space being well kept, organized, neat and clean are of prime importance. Clutter of any kind needs to be removed. Enough space should be allowed to move freely within the living room. This way each and every piece of furniture and every corner is highlighted and gets noticed automatically.

Author: John Clax

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