Scroll Saw Patterns Tips and Techniques

Woodworking can also involve creativity and art in making unique details and intricate curves as shown in scroll saw patterns. It is not just all about sharp edges and hard tools. Many woodworkers, especially those who have an inclination towards arts, have made scroll sawing as a hobby and the more talented ones even make money from it.

What Are Scroll Saw Patterns?

Those who make woodworking as a hobby or a business venture are very familiar with scroll saw patterns. These are designs that range from simple curves to the most intricate figures which are cut on thin pieces of wood. Such patterns are often used in crafting home decors, toys, candleholders, frames and many other applications.

Free Scroll Saw Patterns

The virtual sphere offers a plethora of free scroll saw patterns and finding the perfect pattern for your needs is just as easy as using the Google search box. All you have to do is type in the keywords of the designs that you are looking for and you will be presented with hundreds or even thousands of results. From basic patterns of leaves and animals to the more complicated images of famous celebrities, just a little search will definitely help you find free printable patterns that you can use anytime. Here are a few resources: Scroll Saw Patterns by Arpop Free Wood PuzzlesCraftsman space 

Now that you have access to great scroll saw patterns, how will you bring them to life? For a great pattern to come alive, you need to choose a scroll saw that suits your requirements.

How to Choose a Scroll Saw

Power and performance may just be some of the aspects that you want to look into when choosing a scroll saw. But if you want to give a good run for your investment, here is a list of the other factors that you need to consider when shopping for the perfect option:


Butterfly Scroll Saw PatternsDifferent types of materials often require different scroll saw speeds. The newer scroll saw models often have variable speeds which allow for more versatility.


The throat depth is used to determine the capacity of the scroll saw. This is the measurement between the rear frame and the position of the blade. Home applications can make do with a capacity ranging between 16 inches and 18 inches. Larger capacities may be required for industrial applications.


Parallel arm and parallel-link arm are the two most common drive systems that you can find these days. Reduced vibration is a major advantage that you can get from parallel-link systems. It is also the reason why the latter is highly preferred by woodworkers.


One very important feature to look for is a good blade tensioning system. It must be up front and allows simple control of the fingertips. The tool-less blade clamps and quick-release varieties are more preferable because it can save time and energy. Also, it will prevent unnecessary frustration during blade changes.

Which is a good product for making scroll saw patterns? – Our recommendation

The DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw is a guaranteed bestselling product that you can find. It features a unique arm design which enables it to perform accurate cuts and follow the most complex designs. It is specially designed to be user-friendly and configured to have variable speed performance, less variation and easy-to-access controls.Dewalt DW788

This 20-inch scroll saw also comes with an integrated table made of cast-iron materials. It does not only provide support to the materials that you are working on but also offer added durability and convenience. The table is also made more versatile with its capability to bevel 45 degree to right and 45 degrees to the left.

Another noteworthy feature is the flexible dust blower which comes in handy during times when you need some cleaning up to do in your work area. No matter what material you are working on, there is no doubt that this scroll saw model will help you get through the task from start to finish.

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Tips for Beginners

Anything that you are going to try for the first will always seem like a difficult feat especially if it is going to involve woodworking tools. DIYers often give up because some find the task too much to bear. But with perseverance and a little hard work, anything is possible, even making wooden artworks made from scroll saw patterns.

Start with the center and work out toward the outside of the piece.

This is one of the most common advices that you will hear from expert woodworkers. No matter how challenging the pattern can get, working from the center and out has always been proven to yield impressive results. Even if it is your first time to try your hand on scroll saw patterns, just listen to this advice and you will find yourself with a great output in the end.

A pattern is just a guide.

As you start cutting, bear in mind that the pattern is there to serve as your guide. But if you feel that a Fish Scroll Saw Patternfew changes here and there will make the final product look a whole lot better, then feel free to thicken lines, remove some curves and make your own modifications of the given scroll saw patterns.

Take the necessary safety precautions.

When working with a scroll saw, it is highly expected for your work area to be dusty and a bit hazardous. It is, therefore, essential to wear protective gear to avoid potential dangers while you are working on a project. Wear protection for your eyes like safety glasses to prevent injury because saw blades may break and small pieces of wood may fly at random directions unexpectedly. As much as possible, make sure that the room is well-ventilated and wear a paper mask to avoid inhaling the fine dust.

Another important reminder is to avoid bringing your fingers too close to the saw’s blade. If you find the need to take away excess pieces that fall off, make sure to turn the machine off before you do it. And while in the process of cutting the wood, it is always a best practice to use both of your hands for a stronger grip on the material.

Woodworking is indeed an art that you can embrace anytime. If you are thinking of giving it a try, you may start with easier scroll saw patterns first and move on to the more elaborate stuff as you get the hang of it.

Author: John Clax

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