Modular Furniture: How to Choose It

Modular furnitureModular furniture is furniture designed so that it can be used according to the space available and to your requirements. It is a modern approach to maximizing space utilization while giving a neat look to your home or office. Homeowners with small apartments could save a lot of space by using modular furniture designs. Modular furniture is factory manufactured using replicated designs.

Modular furniture is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Compared to solid wood furniture, it is less expensive. It can be assembled and dismantled easily. So, if you are looking to move to a new apartment, you can easily transport this type of furniture and assemble it within a short period of time. Modular furniture is so flexible that you can arrange it the way you like. The fact that it is available in a variety of colors and designs only adds to its appeal. Basically, modular designs offer freedom and customization. They gives you plenty of storage with minimal footprint. So this furniture can be tailored to your needs and then it can be added to if required.

Here are a few benefits of choosing modular furniture:

–       You get to create a workspace within a short period of time.

–       It can be customized according to the space available and changing dynamics. It lends a great look to any space by offering a futuristic ambience so that even a dull space looks brighter.

–       Modular furniture offers functional and system-based solutions.

–       Can be adjusted to fit your space efficiently.

–       It is cheaper than the solid wood furniture.

–       Easy to relocate.

–       Modular furniture comes in a variety of colors, shapes and designs making it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. It is available in plastic, wood, laminate, glass and metal.

–       The biggest advantage of modular furniture is that once you have worked out where you want to install it you can then work out what you want to include in it.

The most popular type of modular furniture for the home is the modular kitchen. These comprise of storage cabinets that can be fitted and assembled according to the size of your kitchen. There are several shapes of modular kitchen, including parallel kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, straight kitchens and island kitchens. Most manufacturers of modular kitchen offer upper cabinets with single or double door options. The lower units may come with a sink inserted on the top and shelves or cupboards beneath it. These units can be easily expanded.

The designs include a modular bedroom, living room, TV table, cupboards, shelves – you name it. Living room modular furniture includes sectional sofas that consist of different units to create the entire sofa. You have an option to choose from sectional units such as beds or large footstools.

Modular closet furniture is perfect for bedrooms. There are various components that can be fitted into closets to maximize storage space.

Companies often prefer to buy modular furniture for their offices as it has the benefit of being customized for convenient access. Modular office furniture has changed a lot over the past decade. You can now buy wallet friendly, cubicle type modular furniture all the way up to high quality executive type modular office furniture.

Here are a few guidelines to choosing the best modular furniture for your home:

–       It should fit the space and layout: Since modular furniture is available in different sizes and designs, you should choose a model that suits the space of the area and the needs of your family. Most shop owners or online retail sellers will send their professionals to advise you on which would be the best design for you in case you are not able to make up your mind.

–       What is your budget? Planning the budget is important, as modular furniture is available in a wide range of materials right from plastic to solid wood finish, which accounts for a vast difference between prices.

–       Material: Modular kitchen designs, bedroom designs and living room designs are available in various types of materials, like wood, glass, steel and stone. You should choose furniture that is strong and long lasting. Also you should choose material that is strong enough to carry the weight of the things you are going to put there. While you may be tempted to buy a certain color, it is better to match the décor of the area you are planning to install the furniture in so that it doesn’t look cluttered.

–       Size: The size of the modular furniture should be such that it doesn’t obstruct your movement. Rather than opting for extravagant designs, go for ones that offer more functionality. It should be such that it caters to the everyday needs of family members. If you are choosing modular kitchen cabinets, you should ensure that you buy separate racks and storage units for knives, spoons, plates, utensils and appliances.

–       Reputable brands: Choosing modular furniture from well known brands will ensure that you don’t get maintenance headaches once it is installed.

How to choose modular furniture for offices and what are its advantages?

Modular office furniture with doors not only offers maximum utilization of space, it also offers acoustical privacy to employees, who in turn benefit from increasing productivity owing to having a quiet place to work.

Full privacy cubicles are cost effective as they can be installed at a fraction of the price of installing a traditional private office with solid wood. They can be altered easily. So, if you have to make the office smaller or bigger, you can alter the shape of the office accordingly. There are a variety of fabrics, finishes, storage accessories and other tools to choose from. They can be standardized for the entire company or they can vary from cubicle to cubicle.

Overall, the benefits of modular furniture outweigh custom furniture as it decreases the carbon footprint of creating a customized piece of furniture. Their resale value is not much, but if they are kept in good condition, they retain resale value.

Author: John Clax

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