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Best Impact Driver

Gone are the days when standard drills were the staple tools in every kit, especially since impact drivers are redefining our drilling experience. With impact drivers effectively playing the role of hammer drills and screwdrivers, we can now move forward to more proficient drilling projects. So if you are looking for a tool that can make your workload easier, below are some of the top-rated impact drivers reviews.


Top Rated Impact Drivers 

Makita XDT042 18V Review Makita XDT042 18V

Small it may be, but Makita XDT042 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit is a powerhouse tool perfect for both fastening and driving applications. 3.3 pounds in weight and 5-7/16 inches in length, this compact impact driver’s maximum torque extends up to 1,420 in. lbs. of Max Torque at a speed that reaches about 0-2,300 RPM and 0-3,200 IPM.

Fast and easy to use, this tool is also handy as it does not put too much pressure on the user because aside from its weight, it was also designed with a soft rubberized grip, maximizing user comfort. Not to mention, its ergonomic shape can make drilling far from being a tedious task.

In the like manner, users can also make quick changes on their fastening projects, thanks to Makita XDT042 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit’s hex chuck that can be manipulated in just a single touch. If you are working indoors and you need more lighting in your workspace, you can rely on this tool’s built-in LED light.

Worried about over-heating, over-loading or over-discharging? Makita XDT042’s Star Protection Computer Controls™ can guarantee that you won’t have to deal with these tool-related dilemmas anymore. Plus, its Rapid Optimum charger ensures efficient battery life, along with fast charging times.

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Ingersoll Rand W5350 Review Impact Driver Reviews

Access, power and control— Ingersoll Rand W5350 20V 1/2″ Cordless Angle Impactool can offer you everything you would ever need in an impact driver. With this in your tool box, you won’t need to use your bare hands in completing hard tasks because it can definitely be used even for projects that require smaller ratchets as it is only 2.2 inches in height. It might be small for an impact driver, but its amazing features definitely prove that it deserves a space in your home and a place in our top picks of impact driver reviews.

In addition to that, Ingersoll Rand W5350 20V 1/2″ Cordless Angle Impactool is also popular amongst users because of its durability. Its strong housing made up of nylon, coupled with its aluminum hammer case that features a steel lining, can absolutely ensure its longevity no matter how tough the task is.

The Ingersoll Rand W5350 20V 1/2″ Cordless Angle Impactool is able to deliver up to 180 ft. lbs. of torque. Not only that, it is also included in our top picks because it allows optimum user comfort due to its slim and lightweight design. With this impact driver, you can relax as your tool delivers high power at 1900 rpm.

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DEWALT DCF895D2 Review

No matter what the application, DEWALT DCF895D2 20V Max XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/4-Inch Impact DriveDEWALT DCF895D2 can be the tool that can save your day. Weighing 3.6 pounds, this impact driver is 15.8 x 10 x 4.7 inches in dimension, making it ideal even for projects that include limited spaces. So if you are working on tight areas that ordinary impact driver’s can’t work on, this tool might be just what you need.

Furthermore, DEWALT’s brush motor is tested and proven in terms of proficiency as it offers a little less than 60% more running time in comparison to its brushed counterparts. Also, if you are working on dim areas, you can still work with efficiency as this tool features three LED lights that were programmed to delay for 20 seconds after the trigger releases so you are provided with maximum visibility. By this mechanism, shadows are eliminated as you work on your drill.

Other than this, DEWALT DCF895D2 20V Max XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/4-Inch Impact Drive also has a button chuck, along with a 3-Speed Design, that’s intended to provide users more control over the drill. Hence, if you need to make changes on the accessories, you can freely do so using just one hand.

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22) Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22)Made to provide efficiency, Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22) was intelligently designed to offer user convenience, especially for menial tasks like drilling. A brushless impact driver that guarantees quicker and cooler applications, this tool also ensures long-lasting performance so you can work uninterrupted.

Aside from these already amazing features, there is more to Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22) that makes it a top pick for novice and expert drillers alike. With its peak torque reaching up to 1,600 in. lbs. and 0-3,600 no load impact, along with 0-2,000 RPM no load speed, it is undeniable that this tool can work perfectly for a variety of applications.

In addition to this, Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22) offers users different fastening options. Through its Red Link Plus electronic intelligence and Milwaukee’s Proprietary Drive Control, you can freely choose the mode that you need for your project, making its flexibility undeniable. So if you are after versatility, this tool can perfectly fit your needs.

As a an added bonus, Milwaukee’s Proprietary Drive Control also includes two extra extended battery pack so you can work for longer hours, minus the hassle of charging your tool in the middle of a fastening project. Sounds great, right?

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Another perfect addition to your tool box, DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver DEWALT DCF887Bwas made to provide you quality service for several types of applications. Its 3-speed settings enable you to have full control over your gadget as you work on several projects. In the like manner, one of its major features is its speed one’s Precision Drive. With this extra specification, you can expect nothing but accuracy on your work.

DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion Brushless 0.25″ 3-Speed Impact Driver also comes with a brushless motor especially designed by DEWALT. Additionally, you can now freely load your tool using just 1 hand, thanks to its one-handed loading ¼-inch hex chuck feature. The best part is, you can use this impact driver even in the tightest places since it is very compact and lightweight. So no matter how tiny the space is, you can count on this tool to do all the hard work for you.

Lastly, 3 LED lights are also installed in this tool to provide you optimum visibility. Through its 20-second delay after the trigger releases, you can expect less shadows and more brightness and clarity as you work in poorly-lit areas.

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Impact Driver Buying Guide

If you have a major work to be done at home or in a building project, you always need to use some heavy-duty tools. Usually, these are power tools, though some of them could be manually powered. You’ve probably seen impact drivers in both forms–manual and electric–both with the same intention of simplifying a tough job that other tools cannot.

Impact drivers are specialty tools whose torque is much more and higher than other devices. As a result, it can ease drilling wood for deck building or any such project easy and quick. Impact drivers rotate much like a normal drill, but they also have a hammer and an anvil which is used when greater force is required to drive screws into wood used for decking or any such project. Read more on what is impact driver over here.

Features of impact drivers

If you’re in the market for an impact driver, obviously you know what you will use it for. Are you a woodworker who needs a tool for handling the difficult parts of your daily work? Or do you want something that will take the load off you for your small household jobs? You can choose from an entire range of impact drivers–large or small; lightweight or heavy duty; and compact or powerful. It would be difficult for anyone to answer an obvious question from you about the best impact driver in the market because this is something your experience will tell you.

Here are the key features of a typical impact driver which you should check out when buying one:

Torque: This refers to the rotational power of the device and is measured in inch-pounds. The fact that all impact drivers have a high torque makes them devices of choice over normal drills. You can choose to have a 700 inches-pound impact driver for small jobs or a heavy-duty one with a torque of 1,500 inches-pound. Choose an impact driver based on the kind of work you do and see how easy your work becomes.

Bores large holes: Impact drivers are equipped to handle large bits to bore large holes. When the bit is small, not exceeding 1/4 inch, this device behaves like a drill with double the revolutions per minute of cordless drills. The larger the bits, the higher the torque, thereby ensuring that you can easily bore large holes with a small impact driver.

Impact Driver Speed: Revolutions Per Minute (RPMs) are also influential factors for choosing the appropriate impact driver whose drill speed is measured in rpms. Generally, impact drivers are all high speed but a few are faster than the general lot. For repetitive actions like boring several lag screws, you would need an extremely high speed driver.

Battery: The kind of battery you use will determine its life as well as the nature of jobs you undertake to use your impact driver. The efficiency of lithium-ion batteries is becoming well-known now for being long-lasting and assuring a higher performance, so impact drivers are also available now with these batteries. The heavy-duty impact drivers would need long-lasting batteries, but for DIY house projects, regular batteries work well.

Voltage: Generally, impact drivers come cordless, though some models are corded. The advantage of a corded impact driver is that you don’t need to recharge the batteries but often due to the kind of project undertaken, it helps to have cordless impact drivers because it frees you from the tangle of the cord.

Voltage is another symbol of power. Impact drivers are available in a wide variety of voltages, and the higher the voltage, the more powerful and heavier these devices are.

Light: If the area that you work in is adequately lit, you can work correctly without any waste of time. Bearing this in mind, impact drivers of today come equipped with in-built LED lights that enhance visibility and make it easy to work in insufficiently lit areas.

Size and weight: One of the many features of an impact driver that users simply love is its small and handy size and that it’s lightweight. If you use it for several projects back to back, the size and weight of an impact driver could make all the difference to you, especially if you use this device for protracted periods.

Reverse switch: One feature of the impact driver is the forward/reverse switch. With the help of this switch, you can reverse the rotation of the impact driver in another direction. This feature helps avoiding the drill being jammed while also being good for removing screws. Usually, all impact drivers come fitted with reverse switches.

Housing: The high rotational forces of the impact driver can affect the other internal parts of this device. Hence, it is imperative that these internal parts are assembled correctly. To ensure that this is so, you need to see just how strong and stable each component feels in the framework of the device. If you get the feeling it’s flimsy and cheap, perhaps you’re right. What you need is a solid and tough framework that’s robust and ready for work.

Driver Handle: Using a power tool for a protracted period can give you blisters on your palm or fingers. The handle of this device must be comfortable enough to grip, particularly if you’ve been using for a long time. Most models have handles that are covered with a non-slip rubbery material that feels comfortable on the hand.

Types of impact drivers

The different types of impact drivers makes each one suitable for a particular job, based on size, design and power. Here are the three chief types of impact drivers and their specific uses:

Manual Impact Driver: Among all the types of impact drivers available, the manual impact driver needs the user to use a lot of his physical power. This device is used by introducing a screwdriver bit into the open end of the driver. The bit enters the screw that you drive into while you hold the driver with one hand.

At the other end, take a rubber mallet and hit the top of the driver with it. With this striking action, the power exerted on the screw that’s being driven in is much faster than what a manual screwdriver would be capable of.

Electric Impact Drivers: These impact drivers are of two kinds–corded and cordless. Both these types run on electricity that is connected to an internal motor and then to a geared shaft. The motor turns the shaft so that the screw can be driven in. This motor also impacts the shaft in a way so that it gives it more driving power.

This driver is a step forward from the manual impact driver, as here electricity does the work that physical power does in a manual impact driver. The engineering of cordless impact drivers have been vastly improved to such an extent that they now provide power equal to their corded counterparts. This type of impact driver is best used in the construction industry and for home repairs. Power is available in these drivers in the range of 12V, 18V and 20V. They’re also easy to run and can be a valuable asset to you.

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches: This kind of impact driver runs on highly compressed air and it makes a significantly whirring sound. The function of these impact wrenches is to install and remove powerful nuts and bolts. They are also used in large steel construction projects. For pneumatic impact wrenches to work, hoses and air compressors are required.

Uses of impact drivers

Impact drivers are used by woodworkers to bore holes or for a combination of driving fasteners and drilling holes. Woodworkers also use impact drivers to install cabinets, create theater sets, build a deck, build shop furniture and erect frames with dimensional lumber.

There are three broad categories of users of impact drivers. They are:

Homeowner: Homeowners can do well by using less expensively priced impact drivers to work on DIY projects. These smaller and compact drivers are also portable and just right for a variety of projects.

DIY-er: An impact driver model that’s decently priced and offers good performance can be used to build decks and work in a shop.

Professional: For professional use, a premium, high-speed and large torque impact driver is just right. It should be strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Safety tips about impact drivers that you cannot ignore

Here are some safety tips to bear in mind when using impact drivers:

Read the manual: When you take your impact driver, take time to read the manual and follow the instructions given there. This will help you use it carefully and look after it well. It will also contain specific safety tips and instructions which will help you in an emergency, so keep it handy.

Wear protective gear: When you operate power tools, it’s important to wear protective accessories to be safe. Of these, eyewear is very critical, so wear special goggles for heavy duty work. Heavy duty eye wear can also be worn if you use pneumatic drivers whose output is much higher and can cause a mishap. You should also take care of yourself by wearing gloves, headgear and a protective shield.

Though for home based projects, you may not require to wear protective equipment, if you’re working in construction projects or similar heavy duty industries, wearing protective accessories can keep you safe and prevent you incurring huge losses.

Again, while working with pneumatic drivers, it helps to wear gloves. Head gear helps if the project you’re working on is over your head.

Is your work area safe? If your workspace is safe, you and your colleagues will be safe too. If the work space is cluttered, or there’s water on the floor or electric cords scattered around, you could be in for an accident. It also helps to be aware of the person standing next to you when you use the impact driver. It isn’t enough to keep your work areas neat and clean, it should also be adequately lit as insufficient lighting can lead to costly mistakes.

Have a clear floor: Considering your work is mainly done on the floor, you should be careful not to strew anything on the floor in your work area lest you trip over something. Clear all objects lying in your way before you start work so that you work safely.

Test the driver before use: It’s imperative that you test the driver before you place it to drill on the material you’re supposed to work on. You never know when a new device could malfunction and cause damage to your work material. So, by testing the impact driver, you will fix loose cords, get rid of any odd sounds, find missing screws and fill up the gaps, etc. When you take these small details into account, you will get the best performance from your impact driver.

Be alert when working with your impact driver: When you work with your impact driver, ensure that you follow all the safety guidelines required. Take hold of the driver with both hands and never reach out to use the impact driver in a position that might make you lose your balance and fall. Ensure that you don’t lose your balance, particularly if you’re poised on a ladder.

How to maintain impact drivers

By taking good care of your impact driver, it will last much longer and will give you excellent service in your daily tasks. By caring for your impact driver, you ensure its safe use. Here’s what you can do to keep your impact driver in good working condition:

  • Oil the driver as mentioned in the manual
  • Do you have a corded model? Well, it pays to check the cord from time to time for frays, cuts and other related problems
  • Keeping the battery area clean and dry and ensuring that your cordless model has a battery that’s charged will help maintaining your device well.
  • If you have a pneumatic model, you should check the air compressor and the air hoses so that they are always in good working condition and promote your safety.

This is the power of impact drivers, so be careful and alert when using your choice of this device and get the most out of it. Read impact driver reviews before you buy.

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