5 Ideas for Traditional Formal Dining Room Furniture

Whether you are hosting a small dinner party or a large gathering in your home, it is your dining room that will be occupied most by your guests. Having traditional formal dining room furniture is a great way to showcase your signature style and entertain your guests in the most luxurious way. If you are new at this and are planning to invest money in buying the right furniture for your dining room, you may be extremely confused because of the many ideas available to you. Well, whether you are looking for an inexpensive dining room table or an elegant and luxurious dining room set, here are the top 5 ideas for formal dining room furniture.

Traditional wood furnishings for the dining room

For a traditional dining room, your dining table set should impart an antique look. If that is not possible ensure that there is a crystal chandelier and some beautiful traditional paintings on the walls. A long rectangular mahogany table with large chairs that can be easily pulled out will give a classic look. Traditional designs never go out of style and it is that style that you can always fall back on when you are tired of all the passing fads in furniture.

One great idea for traditional formal dining room furniture involves having an oriental style dining table set, as shown in the picture below.

Traditional dining set

Traditional wood furnishings for the dining room

If you are looking for an extra touch of sophistication you might consider having high back chairs around the table; however this depends on the length of your dining table. Oriental dining room sets are becoming increasingly popular because they are an amalgamation of traditional style and beautiful designs. They stand out as formal dining room furniture for formal occasions yet have a casual appeal for everyday purposes.

Red Dining Room Sets

Have you ever wondered why the color red is so popular for formal dining room furniture in restaurants? It is a color that imparts energy and stimulates the appetite, and so it’s a classic dining room color. However, when you are choosing this color, you should be careful with the shade you are selecting. If you have a large dining space, you can experiment with a bright red color; however if your room is small or dark, use it in a subtle manner. To create the right ambience with a red dining room set, you can team it with pale or neutral color blinds instead of having thick and heavy curtains. In order to create a warm ambience you may consider having hidden strip lighting to light up the cornicing and ceiling. Candlelight is softest and adds a romantic touch to dining rooms with red dining table sets. Don’t forget to serve red wine to your guests!

Retro and vintage formal furniture

Traditional wooden furniture in antique style will add interest to dining room décor and a stylish setting will be created. This kind of formal dining room furniture is really wonderful, and is available at many specialty stores. The most important point to consider when buying retro or vintage is that you should check its condition and make sure that it is as the seller has described it. Many people like to buy a cheap dining room table set and re-do it. While this will surely make a difference to your room, it is a time-consuming and tedious project.

Inspired by the 1800s, a vintage dining room looks charming and sophisticated. If you like period style formal dining room furniture that is reminiscent of the 1800s, then it can also brighten up the room, as shown in the picture below.

Retro and vintage formal furniture

Blue and golden dining table set

Pairing up blue with white will give it a subtle look. You can also pair it with a gold color, which will give it a more retro look.

Modern and simple style 

While we are talking about traditional dining room furniture, we cannot overlook modern styles. If you are planning to go for a modern look then you need to keep it simple. This kind of furniture has very little color and there is little or no detailing. If your dining room area has contemporary furniture, you could pair it up with formal dining room furniture and it will look great in your home. A black and white dining room set would be best for this look. Not only will it look ultra modern, it will look sharp and sleek. Remember to furnish your windows accordingly. You could consider a glass table top, which will look ultra chic. While there are a variety of shapes and sizes to be found in this category, a 5 piece dining room set with a rectangular dining table would look best. Modern dining sets are not only affordable; they are also perfect for compact homes.

Black and White Dining Table

Black and White Dining Table Set to Give Ultra-Modern Look

How about a round dining table?

Most formal dining room sets are finely polished, oversized and angular. While this certainly exudes a sophisticated look, for some rooms it may create a harsh and imposing tone. When you are planning to buy a new dining table set, you may want to consider buying a round tabletop. As opposed to other shapes, a circular table allows everyone to look into each others’ eyes while they eat.

A few tips on remodeling your dining room

You know that traditional formal dining room furniture is often considered to have a dark appearance, with heavy upholstery. This is not always the case; you can choose a lighter shade of wood. This would maintain the same ambience. If you are not interested in standard silk upholstery for your chairs, you can upholster them with something more practical.

Overall, personalizing your formal dining room furniture is the most important step in making the most out of the space in order to make it more inviting.

Author: John Clax

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