How to Make a Wood Picnic Table

Spring is just around the corner and families and friends will once again start gathering outside, bringing food, and having wonderful gatherings around the picnic table.  The one problem that might arise is the missing wood picnic table, but don’t go down and spend hundreds on the whole set – build one.  It can be a rewarding experience and there’s a lot of money to be saved when compared to purchasing a ready-made picnic table.

Choose your style

First, look for a design of a table that appeals to the whole family.  There are numerous styles which are round, rectangular, oblong, or hexagon-shaped.  There are plenty of woodworking magazines available that can provide some great designs for wood picnic table, and there are also a wide variety of videos that provide excellent directions on designing and building a great picnic table.

Buy the necessary material and equipment

Second, purchase the required materials.  First on the list is the lumber, and make sure it is pressure-treated wood that can be found at the local lumber yards.  Pine, oak, and redwood are always excellent materials to use.  Don’t forget to get the proper woodworking tools that are needed to complete the project, and they can be either manual or power tools, whichever is preferable.  Also, make sure the proper galvanized bolts, washers, and nuts are on the list when the tools are purchased, and the desired stain or paint to be used.  Finally, make sure there is sufficient sandpaper to sand the wood to a beautiful finish, exterior filler to fill the holes, paint or stain, primer, and clear top protective coat.

Wood picnic table – steps to make it

Third, follow the steps that are laid out in the design instructions of the picnic table.  Remember the best rule of thumb, measure twice and cut once.  This is particularly important because if it’s cut too short, the piece of wood can’t be uncut.

–       Once the boards are cut to the proper length and angles, begin putting the boards together following the instructions on the design by building the frame for the table and then attaching the bracing, the top, and the legs.

–       Now, once the table and seating is bolted together, get exterior filler and fill all holes for the screws so that they are not visible when the table is sanded and painted or stained.

–       After this sand the table so that is smooth and apply the primer.  When the primer is dried apply the desired stain or paint.  Many people choose to paint some pretty designs on the table across the top of the table or on the legs.  Now would be a great time to add the additional designs to the table or seating.  Once all the designs are completed, apply the top polyurethane clear coat to protect the beautiful table and the design, and allow the top coat to completely dry.

Well, now is the time to gather family, friends, and neighbors, bring the food and have a great picnic together.   The wood picnic table should last for a long time and leave the builder with a great sense of pride for the beautiful table that everyone will enjoy for many years to come.

Author: John Clax

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