How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Looking for a reclaimed wood project to do in as little as a day? How about a reclaimed wood coffee table? Using wood from old barns, a building, pallets or wine barrels – also known as reclaimed wood – can not only make your next coffee table one-of-a-kind, but can also save on your pocketbook. Whether it’s oak, mahogany, pine or any other type of wood, if it was once used to build a structure at some point, and that building is then demolished, then its fair game to be reclaimed and made into works of art, like a coffee table for the living room. It’s not too difficult to build your own reclaimed wood coffee table; all you need to do is design your own pattern or choose one from a book or the internet, gather your supplies, pick out the reclaimed wood you want to transform, then add the finishing touches to make it your own and you could be enjoying your new  coffee table from reclaimed wood in no time.

Reclaimed wood coffee table

  • Once you gather all the necessary materials to create your coffee table, start with preparing your wood, for example, reclaimed wood pallets. Using pallets that aren’t brand new lends to the history and character of the table as each scuffmark and little dent tells a story.
  • Measure out and mark all the cuts you need to make on the wooden surfaces, according to your specific plan or pattern, and use your manual or electric saw to cut to the desired lengths.
  • After all the wood has been cut to the necessary dimensions, it’s time to begin assembling the pieces.
  • Add the hardware, i.e. the brackets and nails or screws, making sure you keep the edges and corners in line with each other.
  • After the main table is assembled, now you can begin adding your own personal touches to make the table your own.
  • Finding the right sized legs or wheels for the height you need is easy with a quick trip to your local hardware store or lumber supply company.
  • Using a pallet that is still intact and has no crack in the wood, sometimes it can be as simple as attaching four legs, or wheels if you want a short table for sitting on the floor.
  • Add some stain or paint and in just a few hours you have your very own reclaimed wood coffee table.
  • Add a piece of plywood to the second level and create a set of cubbies for storing things.

There are many ways of refinishing your new coffee table made from reclaimed wood. You can always leave it in its natural state, paint or stain it to match the décor of your home, or even add a mosaic of tile to the top to give it some character. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Whether you’re using reclaimed wooden pallets or an old wine barrel, you can add your own personal touches to your reclaimed wood coffee table. For instance, add some short wheels to the bottom at the corners to make the table handy and easy to move.

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Author: John Clax

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