How to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

how to clean wood kitchen cabinetsWood kitchen cabinets are exposed to dirt, grease and other types of stains more than any other area in your home. People opening and closing them with dirty hands, grime from cooking or dust from outside; everything affects your cabinets. This necessitates that you clean your cabinets at least on a weekly basis. So what is the best way to clean kitchen cabinets?

Before we go on to tell you how to clean wood kitchen cabinets, you should know that most cabinets are factory finished, so it is easy for you to clean them. They are varnished or have some other type of coating over them so that you can clean them with a cleaning solution. You can clean your wood cabinets by using a homemade soap solution or by using a commercial product like Howards Orange Oil Polish. This cleaner melts away the grease and grime and leaves a fresh scent.

However, many people like to make their own cleaner. The materials needed to make your own cleaner are probably already available in your home. Most of the time the good old trick of using warm water mixed with a detergent and using a gentle cleaning pad will work best. However, if your cabinets are made from expensive wood, this process can affect your wood.

DIY methods for cleaning kitchen cabinets 

Detergents: Homeowners can use laundry detergent and water to cut the oil or grease on their wood cabinets. If you are using a liquid detergent, mix one spoonful of detergent with two cups of water. It will be more than enough. If you try to use more than one spoon it will lather a lot and become so soapy that cleaning will become troublesome. The point here is not to over wet wood cabinets, else the finish may be ruined. Apply this cleaning solution to the dirty areas and clean it down with the help of a damp cloth. Now clean it with a dry cloth. If you like you can add a drop of essential oils to this cleaning solution so that after you have dried it, it leaves a fresh scent in the air.

Vinegar: Vinegar is water-soluble and helps in removing grime and oil. Mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio and apply it to the affected areas. Rub it gently and then clean it with damp cloth. Vinegar tends to leave a sharp acidic smell, which you may not like.

Baking soda with oil: Baking soda will remove the toughest stains. Mix one teaspoonful of oil with two teaspoons of baking soda. Rub this paste onto the grimy areas of the wood cabinet. Now rub it with a soft cloth. You can also use an old toothbrush to remove the grime and grease. Once the dirt is off, clean it with a damp cloth.

You can add a few drops of essential oils to these homemade cleaners so that you are left with a beautiful cabinet and wonderful smell after the work is done. I love lavender and lemon essential oils, so I have used them.

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Tip: If you are using vinegar to clean the wood cabinets, remember to remove it completely after the cabinet is cleaned. This is because vinegar is mildly acidic.

Remember to wipe dry the wood kitchen cabinet after you have cleaned it. If your cabinet has been over scrubbed and looks dull after cleaning, you can use furniture polish to bring life into it.

Author: John Clax

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