Facts About Drop Leaf Dining Tables

Not everyone has a large dining room that can accommodate a table for 12 – or even eight or six.  In fact some dining rooms are so small that a table for four is crowded.  There are some great solutions to this overcrowded dining room problem, and those are drop leaf dining tables.  Generally, the design of a drop leaf table has a section in the center that is stable along with side panels that are designed with hinges that can be raised to make a much larger table surface.

drop leaf dining table

Drop leaf dining table


  • Elizabethan Style – Designed in the 16th Century England, this style has hinged sides that when they are lifted doubles the length of the table.  These are usually made of oak, cherry, or walnut, and are usually either square or rectangular in shape.  Quite often these are used as sofa tables behind the love seat or sofa.
  • Antique – These tables are usually round and have a very elegant old-world style and look with beautifully carved legs and sides.  They are usually found in formal dining rooms or living rooms.
  • Georgian – These have the drop leaf side that is hinged on the longer side with the legs of the table closer together and are usually used in workrooms or home offices. They also generally have drawers or cabinets on the sides.
  • Transitional – The transitional drop leaf tables are generally designed for four people and when they are folded take up a minimal amount of space.  This style is perfect for small kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Duncan Fife – These are an 18th Century American style of drop leaf table that also feature beautifully carved designs and come in both rounded and rectangular shapes.  Usually this type is found in a bedroom or drawing room.  They are easily identified by the legs which curve outward but lie flat on the floor.
  • Butterfly – This type of drop leaf table has the two hinged sides to drop down and are designed so that one side can be dropped allowing the table to be pushed up against the wall taking up minimal space.  There is generally cabinets or drawers for storage underneath this style.  These are ideal for small kitchens or offices.
rectangular drop leaf dining table

Rectangular drop leaf dining table

Each of these types of drop leaf dining tables is perfect when there is minimal space in the room.  Most of them can be pushed up against a wall to conserve space, but are designed so that they fit beautifully with any décor.  Some have more elaborate designed carved into the legs and sides, and for those who need some additional storage space, check out the Butterfly designs and the Georgian styles because they are usually designed with additional drawers or cabinets underneath.

These drop leaf dining tables are a great addition to the home because they are practical, functional, and when there is not a lot of space available, they are the perfect solution.  They are built in a variety of different styles, rectangular, oval, square, or circular, and are available in assorted woods from oak to mahogany or cherry.  They are certain to be a beautiful addition to the home.

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Author: John Clax

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