Driftwood Coffee Table Designs and Ideas

If you live somewhere near the beach or any place where wood is just scattered here and there, you may want to consider crafting a driftwood coffee table during your free time. What makes driftwood a great material for home furniture is the unique shape of the wood, which allows you to come up with one-of-a-kind pieces. And driftwood is also a great avenue for you to let your creativity shine through.

What is driftwood?

Driftwood is wood that has been washed on the beach or shore after floating in the river, lakes or ocean because of flooding, old tree barks falling due to high winds or other conditions. The best part about this wood is that since it has floated on water for a long time, it often gets bleached due to sun. Sometimes, this wood becomes home to sea flora and fauna, its outer bark may strip and the sea animals may nest inside. When it is washed ashore, it dries up often bearing marks of marine life.

All this means that if you get hold of a great piece of driftwood that has the right size and looks nice, you can use it to make a driftwood coffee table that would look unique.

Driftwood and Glass – A Striking Combination

The living room space can be more visually pleasing if you will only use the right furniture to serve as your focal point. The driftwood coffee table in the image below is a very excellent example of the beauty that can be brought into your home by using an attention-grabbing combination of driftwood and glass.

 Driftwood Coffee Table

Photo courtesy: Natural Building Blog

Fresh and Unique Designs

This wood comes in all shapes and sizes. And that gives you plenty of room to be artistic. Even the smallest pieces of wood that are often ignored can still offer you with plenty of possibilities to create your masterpiece. Just like this driftwood coffee table, who would think that such tiny and seemingly useless pieces of wood when put together would result to something as lovely as the one shown in the picture?

Coffee Table

Photo courtesy: Pin It

The Color of the Wood

Typically, this type of wood undergoes organic cleansing after being exposed to the natural elements of saltwater, sand, sun and wind. It may appear weatherworn but this factor is responsible for giving its aesthetic appeal. There is really no need to add finishes like paint or varnish because a driftwood coffee table becomes more striking when the wood is left in its natural state. Just simply play around with the colors of nature in the other pieces of furniture that would complement the table. For a more contemporary effect, using solid white paint and fixtures or anything that blends with silvery grey and muted brown shades would do the trick.

The Color of the Wood Photo courtesy: Natural Building Blog

Irregular Yet Imposing

Although most pieces of driftwood that you stumble upon during your search for the right materials to use for your driftwood coffee table may be irregular and generally tangled, there is really nothing much that you need to do but just simply play around with it. Normally, the designs would come out different every time. And this is beneficial for someone who truly wants to use exceptional pieces. The beauty of driftwood lies in its irregularity. The more distinctive the design gets, the more imposing it becomes.

The trend of using driftwood coffee table continues to grow as of late. In fact, a growing number of homeowners are paying more attention to unique coffee tables and those made of driftwood easily fall into this category. Whether you intend to create one by yourself or purchase something from online or offline sources, there is no doubt that its presence will bring about a big impact to the aesthetic value of your home.

Author: John Clax

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