DEWALT DW317SA Corded Jig Saw Review

The work doesn’t end after you’ve made the cuts that your woodwork needs. You still usually have to finish the surface of the material. Since those two tasks generally go together anyway, it makes sense to already have available the tools you need for both tasks. This is where the DEWALT DW317SA Corded Jig Saw and Sheet Sander Combo Kit can come in. With the jig saw component of this product, you can perform the cuts that you need. And the sander device allows you to take care of rough edges as well as unfinished surfaces.

DEWALT DW317SA Corded Jig Saw and Sheet Sander Combo Kit

This combo product is versatile enough to meet the needs of all kinds of professionals and DIY hobbyists. This means that the Dewalt DW317SA is great for people who work with wood furniture, structures and other items. As far as the jig saw is concerned, it comes with a 5.5 amp motor which should provide sufficient power to cut through even hard surfaces and materials. The power doesn’t compromise control, however. So this compact power tool allows for cutting work that is also more on the curved or more precise side.

DEWALT DW317SA Corded Sheet Sander Combo KitAs far as the sander device of the Dewalt DW317SA, it’s compact enough so that it can be handled with one hand by many people. To make things easier for you, the device is appropriately anti-slip and grippy so that the sander is comfortable to use and easier to manipulate. Aside from that, the sander is designed to dampen vibrations, again to increase your comfort while using it.

DEWALT DW317SA Corded Jig Saw Combo Kit

Other pros of the Dewalt DW317SA sander include the fact that its design also controls and collects dust, so that you won’t have to worry as much about ingesting dust or making a huge mess. One plus of the jig saw component is that it’s possible to swap blades in and out without having to touch or directly handle the blade itself.

DEWALT DW317SA Corded Sheet Sander

As far as cons go, some people have said that they can’t quite use the Dewalt DW317SA sander with just the one hand. This will tend to change depending on each person’s size and strength level so you’ll need to take that into consideration. Or you could also choose to use the device with two hands, though for some people, this will be not be something that they will be content with. So if it’s possible for you to get your hands on one of these devices, so that you can try using it one handed, or at least grip it in one hand, then that would be a good idea.

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Author: John Clax

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