Best Vacuum For Wood Floors 2017 – Buying Guide


Your Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide for Cleaning the Wood Floors. 

If you have taken the trouble to select the very best flooring for your home, you are sure to want it looking pristine and like new for as long as possible. This is equally true for both carpeted floors and wooden floors. However, while a quick vacuum is often enough to keep carpeted floors looking great for an extended length of time without the need for a professional clean, wooden floors, while easy to care for, benefit from the time you take in selecting the correct vacuum cleaner. You may be wondering why you should invest in a vacuum cleaner for your wooden floor. Perhaps you have always thought that a soft brush would be enough to keep it looking great. If this is the case, you are going to notice an incredible difference when you use a vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor. This is because it will remove far more dirt and debris than a brush alone. Here’s a quick look on the best vacuum for wooden floors:

5 Best Vacuums for Wood Floors 

PictureBrandBest PriceRatings
BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2ABissell PowerEdgeRead More

(4.3 / 5) 5,200+ Reviews
Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes, FH40010BHoover FloorMateRead More(4 / 5) 2,500+ Reviews
bObi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and MopbObi Robotic Vacuum CleanerRead More3.8 / 5) 850+ Reviews
Pureclean PUCRC45Pureclean PUCRC45Read More(4 / 5) 10+ Reviews
Haier® SWR-T321Haier SWR T321Read More(4 / 5) 45+ Reviews

Can I use a regular vacuum cleaner for my hardwood floor?

Why not use your regular cleaner for your hardwood floor? Well, regular vacuum cleaners are designed for carpeted floors. This is evident when you examine the business end of a vacuum cleaner. It will invariably have rotating beaters with hard bristles. While these are very effective in removing dirt from the deepest part of a carpet they can damage your wooden floor, and the last thing you want is a scratched floor. This takes us to even more reasons not to use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean your hardwood floor.

Consider the following:

  1. Many vacuums have plastic wheels. These can scratch your hardwood floor, especially if pieces of gravel or small stones are pushed along in front of the wheels. This type of debris can also become lodged in a wheel causing scratches when the wheel is unable to turn.
  2. As already mentioned, revolving brushes are not a good idea either. Not only can they scratch, they also scatter dirt when used on a hardwood floor.

There are ways around using a regular cleaner; for example, if your present cleaner has the facility to raise the level of the brushes you could do that, or try to replace plastic wheels with rubber. The former still is a bit of a risk to your hardwood flooring, and the latter may be more bother than it is worth. Perhaps your best bet would be to buy the best hardwood floor vacuum your budget allows.

Tips on how to care for your hardwood floor

  1. This is where your hardwood floor vacuum cleaner comes in. Vacuum to remove dust, debris and the inevitable small stones that are trodden into the house. It is important to do this thoroughly, as these can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your floor.
  2. Check for any stubborn marks and spot clean them with a damp cloth.
  3. Hardwood floor cleaner can then be used, but the mop or cloth must be wrung out as much as possible. Water is the enemy of your hardwood floor!
  4. Lastly, check for standing water and remove it immediately.

To save a lot of work it is a good idea for your family and visitors alike to remove their shoes at the door. This will save much effort when it comes to cleaning your hardwood floor, as the amount of debris brought into the house will be significantly lower. It is also a good idea to vacuum often to prevent damage from any small pieces of stone or gravel. You should always mop up any water of spills immediately, for the reason given above. Areas of heavy use may need to be brightened up occasionally. You can use a spray which has been specially formulated for hardwood floors, and, spraying a small area at a time, use a microfiber mop to pick up the dirt.

Choosing the best vacuum for wood floors

The choice of the best vacuum for wood floors is up to you; however, the options are almost endless. This is why it is important to look at the features provided by each vacuum cleaner and select the one that matches your needs. You may be a career person in a small but perfectly designed apartment, or your may have children or pets and live in a larger space; whatever your personal circumstances the perfect vacuum for you is out there. Of course, cost is also an issue, so you will be concerned with getting the best value for your money.

There are other features to consider too. You will be aware that vacuum cleaners come in many different types, but the basic types are stick (a lighter version of the upright), canister (cylinder) or robot. There are also hand-held models available, which are perfect for stairs and hard to reach corners. Another option is the backpack type which eliminates the floor based element and the need to push or pull a device around the room. You will also have to decide on whether you want a vacuum that is bagless, or whether you want to buy replacement bags. Each has its plus and minus points; choosing the type that has replacement bags is convenient but obviously means that you are going to spend money. Bagless models will need n cash spent on them but unless you choose a bagless model carefully you will have a bagless vacuum that releases clouds of dust when you empty it. Luckily, most bagless cleaners are the type which compress the dirt, thus minimising mess.

One of the main reasons for wanting a decent vacuum cleaner is the pet factor. Most pets shed hair which means regular vacuuming to prevent it getting on clothes, or making your floors look shabby. Hardwood floors don’t look that great with pet hair collecting around the edges. Many cleaners are now made exactly for this purpose, so if you have pets the pet hair problem can be solved easily.

Allergies are a growing problem these days, so if you or a family member suffers from an allergy it is definitely worth considering a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Another factor is price. The most expensive cleaners are not necessarily the best. However, it is sensible to look at all the features and then buy the best that you can afford. Many inexpensive cleaners do a great job, and some of the most expensive do not.

You may be wondering if you should buy in a local store or if you should look online. The answer to this is to look at both. Often you can get a great buy in a local electrical store, but equally, you can get good discounts online. The secret is not to rush your purchase; give yourself time to select the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner for you.

We will also look at two different types of vacuum: the robot type and the stick variety. It is crucial that if you choose a stick vacuum you select one that is made for hardwood floors. Thus is because it is important to minimise movement over the floor. The robot type will definitely appeal to your inner geek. Who wouldn’t want a device that does the work for you, with little or no effort on your part?

The stick vacuum cleaner

Why choose a stick vacuum cleaner? Well, they are light and easy to store. This would be a great benefit for those with disabilities or limited movement. They are also very handy for a quick clean up when you find out that you are having guests at very short notice. They are also very budget friendly and come in a wide range of prices, so you are sure to find one to suit. They are also very easy to use; they just need to be plugged in and you are cleaning very quickly. They also usually come with a range of tools, enabling you to remove dust from curtains and dirt from very small crevices in your furniture. A long hose is usually included, so stair cleaning isn’t too onerous. Most vacuum cleaners are pretty noisy, often frightening pets. However, a stick cleaner has a fairly low level of noise, and with its maneuverability, the job should be done quickly and quietly.

The robot vacuum cleaner

Why choose a robot vacuum cleaner? While robot cleaners have had their fair share of hitches since they were invented it can be said that many of these have now been overcome. They really require little attention once they have been programmed. They can be programmed to clean when you are out, they can be programmed to clean a specific area, and even in individual places which may have stubborn marks. The most obvious benefit is their small size. They are so compact they can be stored in any small space – very useful if you have limited storage space.

The best vacuum for hardwood floors – a review

In this review we will be taking a look at five different cleaners with varying features. Of course, there are many more, but you will have a basic guide to the most suitable cleaner for your hardwood floor.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2AThis is a budget priced vacuum. Optimum maneuevrability means that cleaning around chair legs and into corners is so easy – the swivel head does the job with very little effort from you. The v-shape of the cleaning surface enables small debris to be picked up by the ends of the v-shape while larger pieces are guided into the middle section. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for those with pets, picking up pet hair easily. This bagless vacuum has a dirt cup that is easily emptied, and the 20ft cord length means fewer plug removals and insertions. A bonus is the lightweight – only 7 ½ pounds, and for a very small machine has an impressive 5 amp motor.

The only downside is that the Bissell does not have a HEPA filter. If you know you don’t need one, then this could be the machine for you. This nifty little machine is transparent, so you always know when it needs to be emptied. Storage is no problem either; it stands upright so is convenient to tuck away in a corner of your closet or cupboard. Finally, it has a self-winding cord, so no tedious wrapping around the machine.

This vacuum has excellent reviews on Amazon for its ability to pick up animal hair. A downside is that it is considered by some reviewers as a little noisy.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to manuever
  • Easily picks up different types of debris
  • Effective for pet hair removal
  • Convenient and easy to empty dirt cup


  • Fairly noisy
  • Shorter cord than a normal vacuum cleaner
  • No HEPA filtration

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Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub FH40010B

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Bonus Hard Floor Wipes, FH40010BThis is a bagless cleaner that does everything! It not only vacuums, it washes and dries your hardwood floor too. This vacuum does have brushes, but they rotate gently, washing your floor from all angles. Included is 30 hard surface wipes and detergent, and it has a long quick release power cord. This product has a myriad of features; as well as the pros mentioned below, it also has an ergonomic handle and trigger feature which means that you can control where and when detergent is applied to your floor. A real plus is that it has rubber wheels which won’t mark or scratch your floor. There are no belts to replace and it has a folding handle, which makes it extremely easy to store this cleaner. It also has removable nozzles and brushes.

Amazon reviews are generally favourable with this machine getting 4 out of 5 stars. While not the quietest machine available or the most powerful, reviewers seem mostly satisfied with its performance.


  • Vacuums, washes and dries
  • Gentle brushing action
  • Generous length power cord
  • 30 hard surface wipes ad detergent included
  • Additional tools
  • Two tank system – clean and dirty water kept separate


  • Some users reported that it does not dry the floor properly

You can read more reviews about Hoover FloorMate here.

bObi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

bObi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and MopThis type of vacuum cleaner is probably an unknown quantity for most people, accustomed as we are to sticks and canisters. It is a novel product, in that no effort is needed to vacuum; the robot cleaner does it all. It sweeps, mops and UV sterilizes. It is self-chargeable and works by remote control. It can even be programmed to clean while you are out. Easy to set up, the bObi runs for an amazing two hours on one charge. It even has a dirt sensor which will guide it to the grubbiest areas of your floor. It has a useful spot cleaning function, and it has a ledge sensor.

The main bonus features are convenience and the fact that it is effort free (apart from emptying the dirt out. However, it can have trouble with walls (bumping them), mouldings (getting stuck), and sometimes with corners.


  • Good battery life
  • Easy to take apart and maintain
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Self-charging (it returns to the charger when it needs recharging
  • It has an identity (it has a birth certificate!)


  • Can get tangled in tassels
  • Cannot detect mouldings and ledges more than ½” high
  • Cleans better in large uncarpeted spaces than in smaller spaces
  • Does not pick up larger pieces of debris

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Pureclean PUCRC45 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Pureclean PUCRC45Slightly less expensive than the bBobi, the Pureclean also has several cleaning features. It will clean, vacuum and dust tiled floors, hardwood floors and hard carpets. You can set it to clean while you are out thus saving you time, and it will automatically return to its charging dock. You can even set it to clean weekly or perhaps several times a week, using the built in LCD display. It is only 3 ½ inches high which means it can get under furniture easily. It does have a built-in rear wheel spring shock system which stops it getting stuck, although some users have reported that this still sometimes happens. It will edge clean around walls and can clean large spaces with its spot spiral mode. Cleaning the vacuum is very easy. Apart from removable brushes, this cleaner has a special brush included with it to help you to keep it in pristine condition.


  • Three cleaning processes
  • Effective on both large spaces and around walls
  • Automatic charging
  • Programmable to clean when you are out
  • Easy maintenance – removable filters and dust bin


  • Instructions are considered to be a little unclear according to some users
  • Sometimes gets stuck
  • May catch on rug fringing

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Haier SWR-T321 

Haier SWR-T321This is a wet and dry cleaner, and is advertised as being able to pick up anything. It is suitable for wooden floors, tiles and carpets. It can climb a 25 degree gradient and it also recharges automatically. It is reported to be quiet and easy to use. With this machine it is possible to construct electronic barriers so that it will only clean in a certain area. Like others of its type it will return to its charging dock when its batteries are close to running out. Its battery life is an impressive two hours, long enough for you to clean your entire house. It also has a large water tank.

Pros and cons

There are very mixed reviews for this item. Some users report low suction; others say that the suction is excellent. Buyers report problems with the automatic docking for charging (sometimes it doesn’t return to the dock automatically), while others have no problems with it at all. This is a medium price product for a robot cleaner so it may be worth taking a chance on it.

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Caring for your hardwood floor vacuum

Whatever vacuum you choose you will want it to stay in optimum condition so that is keeps on working efficiently. This means maintaining it on a regular basis. One of the most important things to remember is to check regularly how full the bag is. With most bagless vacuum cleaners it is blindingly obvious as the dirt receptacle is often transparent. With a vacuum cleaner that takes removable bags this is not so apparent, which is why it should be checked regularly. Of course, the performance of your vacuum cleaner can be a good indicator, as with a full bag it will not function so effectively. Another indicator could be that you end up with more debris on your floor than when you started. The bag should never be allowed to get more than 2/3 full to avoid these problems. Always check that the bag is attached correctly too, to avoid leakage of debris into the cleaner. If you have a HEPA filter, check it regularly to ensure that it is clean so it can do its work. Lack of suction can also be a problem if you are using a vacuum with a hose, as larger objects can often get stuck inside it. These can often be dislodged with something like a knitting needle or by tapping the end of the hose firmly but carefully on the floor (not your hardwood floor!).


As you can see, choosing a vacuum cleaner for wood floors is a very personal choice. Only you know the layout of your home, how even your floor surface is, how large it is, the storage space you have available and especially your budget. That is why it is crucial to take your time in choosing the best hardwood floor vacuum for your home. If you prefer a traditional vacuum you may like a stick, or upright, cleaner. If you wish to release your inner nerd, then a robotic cleaner might well be the one for you! Whatever your preference, the important thing is that your floor is cleaned thoroughly to preserve the beautiful finish of your hardwood floor.

Author: John Clax

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