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When the job requires a cut to be curved or straight into an assortment of materials, such as metal, plastic, particleboard, wood, plywood, and even ceramic tile, then a jigsaw is the ideal tool for getting the best results. For those do-it-yourselfers who want to know why a jigsaw is needed, or what blade thickness is necessary for specific jobs, or which is the best jigsaw for the money – that is exactly what this article covers next. For those who are in a hurry here’s a quick comparison of the 6 best jigsaw for the money:

ProductItem DimensionsPower SourceVoltageCheck Price
Rockwell RK732316.1 x 17.5 x 8.3 inchescorded-electric-Check Price
Bosch JS470E15.7 x 14.3 x 4.6 inchescorded-electric120 voltsCheck Price
Dewalt DCS331B11 x 11.25 x 3.9 inbattery-powered20 voltsCheck Price
Milwaukee 6268-2116 x 14 x 4.5 inchescorded-electric120 voltsCheck Price
Makita 4351FCT2.87 x 9.29 x 8.15 incorded-electric120 voltsCheck Price
Black and Decker JS6604.38 x 11.75 x 9.25 incorded-electric120 voltsCheck Price

Why A Jigsaw is needed?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons a jigsaw is needed:

  1. Curved patterns: A jigsaw is the best tool to use when the cut in the material is a curve. In addition, the jigsaw effectively cuts any type of curves – and it’s portable!
  2. Cuts assorted materials: Jigsaws can easily cut wood, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, plaster, cardboard, fabrics, metal, particleboard, plywood – and even pumpkins – it’s quite the versatile tool!
  3. Beveled cuts: For the job that requires an angled cut, the jigsaw is a perfect tool – and most jigsaws can be angled up to 45° in addition to being straight up and down.
  4. Assorted blade sizes: Jigsaws can use a variety of blades as needed for the job, and changing the blades is very easy.
  5. Easy tool to use: A jigsaw takes a minimal of training to use – basically take it out of the box, get the material ready, insert the right blade for the job, plug it in, and let the cutting begin.
  6. Great for beginners and kids: A jigsaw is one of the easiest tools for a child to learn to use – with proper instruction and supervision, the kids can create a multitude of projects.

Types of Jigsaws:

There are a variety of jigsaws that are recommended for assorted jobs, including the following:


Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Table Saw


This is one of the most versatile, and best jigsaws, on the market today for a variety of reasons: Best jigsaw for the money

  • Easily switch the t-shank blades in just seconds
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Convenient guard and riving knife provides unlimited capacity for rip and cross cuts
  • Miter gauge adjusts from zero to 60° for right, left, or angled cuts
  • Safety switch prevents accidental starting

Most customers stated that this was an excellent portable jigsaw, which can be bolted to a table or used with a bar that wraps around the bench. It cutting power is excellent with a variety of blades zipping through up to the heaviest of materials. One customer complained that the supporting arm was an obstacle when cutting larger pieces of lumber for a straight cut because it has to curve around the supporting arm. Other than that issue, for smaller materials, it was excellent.


Bosch JS470E Jigsaw


This jigsaw is a 120-volt, 7.0 amp that comes in a top-handle model, and is excellent for precision cuts with low-vibration and Bosch JS470Eaccurate cutting design. Some of the benefits of this best jigsaw includes:

  • Easy to change blades without a tool, equipped with blade ejection level which eliminates touching a hot blade
  • Dial settings for optimized speed with trigger for operating speed control
  • Durable die-cast foot with on-board secure clamp and bevel wrench capabilities
  • Corded electric model

Customer reviews on this model were excellent with minimal complaints. The customer stated that they easily made mitered cuts at a variety of angles with ease, and changing out the blades was a breeze. This is a very high quality jigsaw and one of the best on the market. Several customers commented on how easy this is to cut to a specific degreed cut. One customer complained that the blade tends to overcut.




This model of jigsaw has a new technology that has the ability to automatically position the jigsaw to improve any cutting BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C 5.0-Amp Jig Sawapplication. Some of the feature of this model includes:

  • Seven speed settings from 800 rpm to 3000 rpm by setting a speed dial
  • Five amp motor
  • No tool required for blade changes
  • Easily makes straight and curved cuts
  • Cuts a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and wood
  • Easily sets for a variety of bevel cuts up to 45°
  • Lightweight at 5.8 pounds

Customers reviewing this product stated that this is one of the best jigsaws for the lower price range. Customers stated it’s easy to control and excellent for beginning do-it-yourselfers. The main complaint was the base-angle setting dial is crude and not always exact settings – it takes some getting used to setting. The quick release fitting which holds the blade in place, does not hold it tight enough.


Dewalt DCS331B 20 Volt MAX Li-Ion Jigsaw


As a mid-price-ranged jigsaw, it’s excellent for those who have slightly more experience, but great for beginning do-it-yourselfers as well. It has a variety of excellent features: Dewalt DCS331B 20 Volt MAX Li-Ion Jigsaw

  • A lever-action blade changing system which does not require a special tool
  • Four Position orbital action which allows better control for speed and quality of cut
  • A dust blower that is adjustable and help maintain a cut that is free of chips and residue
  • Variable speed settings which range from zero rpm to 3000 rpm
  • Easily cuts assorted materials with a variety of blades
  • Slightly heavier than some of the smaller models, but weighs only seven pounds
  • Cordless battery system

Customers really liked the convenience of this model, the easy of changing blades, and particularly the side vent blower to clear the surface. The main complaint is with lighter blades, they are not held in place as securely, and sometimes more difficult to lock.


Milwaukee 6268-21 6.5 Amp top Handle Jigsaw


This is one of the best jigsaws, but slightly higher in price than the smaller units. Although it’s easy to use, it has other features Milwaukee 6268-21 6.5 Amp top Handle Jigsawthat makes it an excellent choice:

  • Durable
  • Easy to change blades with no key required
  • Adjusts for miter or angled cuts of up to 45°
  • LED Light for improved line of sight with roller blade guide that aids a precision cut
  • One-inch stroke with 3000 rpm
  • Four position cutting action
  • Counter balanced apparatus resulting in lowered vibrations
  • Cushion grip handle makes for easier hold

Customers stated that this is an exceptionally great jigsaw that has the finesse and control for very detailed and precise cutting projects, and the LED light is one of the greatest benefits. The main complaint was that it’s a bit top heavy and the speed switch is not as accurate as other models, and would be great with a soft-touch start.


Makita 4351FCT Barrel Grip Jigsaw with LED Light


When the intricate work needs to be done, this is one of the best jigsaws for the job. The built-in LED light is one of the best Makita 4351FCT Barrel Grip Jigsaw with LED Lightfeatures any jigsaw can have, and highly recommended. Other features of this model includes:

  • Soft start for smoother starting of the jigsaw
  • Variable speed control dial with settings from 800 to 2800 rpm
  • No tool required to change the blade
  • Lowest noise level in the class with 40% less vibration
  • Maintains constant speed under load
  • Three orbital settings with 6.3 amp motor
  • Easily cuts a wide assortment of materials

Customers reviewing this jigsaw consistently stated that this jigsaw has a great weight, easy to change the blades, and the LED light is great feature, along with the soft-touch start. Also the minimal vibration is excellent. The main complaint is the barrel grip is a bit heavy and takes a while to get used to.

Jigsaw Blade Types and Thickness

One essential thing to know about jigsaws is the blade type which determines how the blade is fastened to the jigsaw. Some jigsaws can use both types of fastening methods, but be sure to look before buying an assortment of blades. The blade types include:

➢ T-Shanks – These are most commonly used with jigsaws that have a quick-change selection that doesn’t require a special tool.
➢ U-Shanks – These are fastened manually with a locking screw to the jigsaw, and generally require an Allen tool to lock the screw into place.

Since the blades are made of assorted metal or compounds, the rule of thumb is the harder the material that needs to be cut, the harder the blade that is required. These materials determine the thickness of the blade:

➢ Tungsten Carbide – Both tungsten and carbide are bonded to a steel shaft with a gritted edge that is comparable to sandpaper instead of a more saw-like edge. It allows for smoother cuts for extremely hard materials.
➢ Bi-Metal Blades – This type of blade can be either steel or a combination of carbon and steel. When the body is made of carbon steel, it provides greater flexibility, have teeth made of high carbon steel allows for cleaner cuts of harder material, and bi-metal blades lasts longer.
➢ High Speed Steel – This type does not actually mean high speed capability; however, it is harder than the high carbon steel, but less flexible. It’s preferred for the less hard materials.
➢ High Carbon Steel – This type is made from manganese, carbon, and iron, and are perfect for softer materials. They are more flexible, but even though they are inexpensive, they wear out more quickly.


There are some excellent jigsaws that are highly rated and have some super features which makes them easy to use and perfect for a variety of projects requiring assorted materials. They come in a variety of price ranges and features in numerous makes and models.

Author: John Clax

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