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A tool for every wood-related work, a band saw is a necessity in every man’s kit. To provide you information about the best band saw for the money in the market, below is our comprehensive review.

A band saw is an electrically driven saw with a long and moving steel belt having a serrated edge. It is primarily used to cut curves, no matter how thick the lumber may be, and create cabriole legs. It also rips lumber and crosscuts short pieces. However, it is most commonly used to cut irregular shapes and re-sawing or ripping lumber for thinner slabs. It can also turn out the smoothest cuts, and when a correct blade is used, it can cut not just wood but metal too.

Top 3 Band Saws Recommended For Your Needs

Grizzly G0555 LX Deluxe Band Saw

Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw

DEWALT DCS371B 20V Max Lithium Band Saw

3 Best Band Saw Reviews

Grizzly G0555 LX Deluxe Band Saw

Every man has his own standards on a band saw. If you are looking for a heavy duty tool that was built to last, Grizzly G0555 Grizzly G0555LXthe Ultimate Band Saw might best fit your specific needs. With over decades of proven performance and long-term customer satisfaction, it continues to hold its reputation and live by its name. Grizzly G0555 the Ultimate Band Saw is an incredible choice. You will not be disappointed and you would enjoy woodworking for the years to come.

You can set up Grizzly Model G0555 over the weekend. Grizzly Model G0555’s unique features make it easier to perform tasks. All directions are in the manual are understandable and clear.

Although the Grizzly Model G0555 is large in size, it is still the ideal machine to use on woodworking. It is made up of heavy-duty construction with cast iron fame. Its computer-balanced cast iron wheels with rubber ties enable the machine to spin smoothly at a high speed. Plus, it has precision-ground cast iron table and heavy gauge steel stand. The blade’s speed is adjustable from 1800-3100 FPM which makes cutting easier. It also includes upper and lower ball-bearing blade guides, deluxe extruded-aluminum fence, miter gauge, fence scale with magnifying window and 4-inch dust port.


  • Has minimal vibration
  • Comes with a great stand
  • Features excellent blade guides
  • Brings lightweight yet strong and accurate fence and rail system
  • Gives you a decent nice table and a smooth running motor


  • Some men encounter malfunction of the machine after several uses. This can be due to improper machine usage and handling. If you know how to take care of your band saw, this won’t be a problem for you.

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Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw

A band saw is a staple tool of every woodworker. Offering users durability and efficiency, Jet JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw perfectlyJet JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw suits your line of work and is one of the best band saws for the money. It is more than aesthetically appealing for it also offers so many high-end features. Jet Model JWBS-14DXPRO has been constructed to provide the demands of woodworkers nowadays. Even if days of adding a riser block pass by, this 14- inch band saw can become your most handy tool. For an enhanced power to make it ready to meet all re-saw expectations, the band saw comes with a massive cast iron.

This band saw kit is really great and worth the price as it continuously redefines workmanship. Jet Model JWBS-14DXPRO proves to be more than what it is worth. Plus, it can provide you services for a longer time span as it is was built with highly durable materials.

Jet Model JWBS-14DXPRO can cut larger pieces of wood because it has a built in 12 inches re-saw capacity. For added strength and firmness, it also features cast iron frames for upper and lower part. Its 15” by 15” working table can also accommodate wide range projects. The tracking window of the blade is noticeable for safety purposes. Additionally, the ball bearing guides lessen friction to make the blade life longer. It was also created with spring that has high tension which gives the tensioning of the blade greater tolerance. Jet Model JWBS-14DXPRO has a total weight of 258 pounds and consumes only 1.25 horsepower of your electricity.


  • Blades are heat-resistant
  • Upper and lower ball bearing guides are easy to adjust
  • Has a good base to balance the high center of gravity
  • Quick-released tension lever for convenience
  • Could do “heavy duty” chores, and be able to drop back to the more delicate cuts without going through many changes.


  • Some of woodworkers encounter safety issues because they are just beginners, but if you know how to use this band saw properly, it will absolutely be a great buy.

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DEWALT DCS371B 20V Max Lithium Band Saw

Best Band Saw for the Money 

DEWALT DCS371B 20V Max Lithium Band Saw is an excellent line of product. This tool can be your buddy for life. Weighing 10.2Best band saw for the money pounds, this band saw is 12.2 x 15.4 x 8.7 inches in dimension, which is large enough to deal with different kinds of projects including those who require extra support. This band saw was wisely constructed to offer buyers convenience and was made to provide efficiency.

The DEWALT Model DCS371B is not only versatile, but it is also extremely powerful. You can now enjoy cutting stainless steel pipe, copper and other materials without exerting too much pressure. It’s guide on how to use it is very comprehensive.

DEWALT Model DCS371B has a 2 ½” cut capacity and has the capability to cut up to 2 inches SCH 40 pipe. It also features LED work light that functions well to illuminate dark work surfaces for easy and precise cutting. The blade tracking window is very simple to adjust, which helps to increase the blade life. It was also built with dual bearing blade guide rollers that add firmness and strength in the blade support system. At such a low price this model offers a lot.


  • Can cut angle iron and all thread rod with the same result
  • Can do more precise cuts
  • Centered handle position contributes on balancing the gravity
  • Front handle and base are safe from damages by hanging their saw on integrated hang hook
  • Tension of the blade can be easily released by using the tool-free blade changing lever
  • User-friendly gentle grip back handle gives comfort and certain flexibility


  • Few buyers prefer other colors of this band saw. However, DEWALT Model DCS371B only comes in color yellow. But if color doesn’t matter to you, this band saw can surely meet your standard and your expectations.

You can read more about it over here. 

Types of Band Saws

There are two types of band saws: Vertical and Horizontal.

Vertical Band Saw

Here, The blade’s cutting position is vertical. This type of machine is powered by an electric motor via a belt transmission. The belt allows for any adjustment of the blade speed. The blade spins on a fixed track between the idler wheel that is fixed above the work table and the drive wheel fixed below. It fits into the side of the stock. In order to make the cut, the stock is moved against the blade. For mitered cuts, the table should be tilted either sideways or from front to back. This band saw machine can also do internal cutting since this device welds its own blades too.

Horizontal Band Saw

These are floor-mounted machines used for simple solid steel cuts, tubes and cutting of odd-shaped material. Like its vertical counterpart, horizontal band saw blades too are powered by an electric motor. The motor is driven by a belt and pulley system which adjusts the speed of the blades discretely. Here, the blade’s cutting position is horizontal. All cuts are made in a downward position into the stock. In this device, the drive and idler wheels are set lengthwise on the machine’s frame which rotates from a corner of the machine bed. The material needing to be cut is placed in a vise attached to the machine bed.

This type of band saw machine is used basically for cutting stock to any desired miter angle, or at right angles and for cutting stock to a designated length. It is more versatile than its vertical counterpart and can be successfully used for contour cutting, filing and polishing, apart from basic stock cutting.

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What are the advantages of using a band saw?

If a woodworker uses a band saw, he can deftly create wood in various shapes and for a range of uses. In fact, he can explore his creativity using this tool. If you’re looking for the best band saw for the money, check this list for some of its major uses:

  • Resaw: By this is meant sawing a board along its width. You get two identical or “bookmatched” inner faces, since separating them would be like opening a book. They are best used to create panels for cabinet doors.
  • Resets the edge of a board: Instead of using the edge of a board in the same condition as it came to you from the saw mill, it is better to cut the edge again so that it aligns better and more elegantly along the length.
  • Makes veneer: For unimaginable design possibilities, it’s best to work with thick veneer. Here, a board is sawn into many thin slices, to be used as a set of curved doors or front faces of a drawer. This can add a lot of refinement to a woodworker’s work and to get the most out of a highly figured board. This is best achieved with the help of a band saw.
  • Makes bent laminations: Band saws can saw thin laminates that go to make up a bent lamination to further your scope for design. These laminates are sawn successively from one thick board to make a curved part for furniture.
  • Processes small logs: Band saws can be used like a small mill to turn out small logs.

How to use a band saw

This tool is one of the most versatile that a woodworker could own as it replaces many saws by just one action–changing its blades. Woodworkers can use it to cut any kind of material, ranging from wood to metal pipes and straight lines or curves. With a band saw in one’s hands, a woodworker can transform an ordinary material into something unique and elegant.

Here is a step-by-step method of using a band saw correctly to get the maximum benefit:

  1. Wear safety equipment: Before you begin to use this equipment, ensure that you have worn safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris entering.
  2. Choose the right blade for your woodworking project: If you’re going to cut certain material in a straight cut, you need to fit a wide blade and move on to a narrow one when you want to cut curves. Ensure that you use only metal blades when you cut metal.
  3. The feed of the wood should be in your control despite your band saw having rollers: If you let the rollers pull the majority of the wood, it will lessen your control and minimize your accuracy. If the piece you’re handling is very large and difficult to handle smoothly, let the rollers feed but don’t reduce the tension on the board’s edge with your hands or your accuracy will be disturbed.
  4. If you have a piece of different heights, take a close look at the adjustable guards: For best results, the self-adjustment should move up and down smoothly with the wood contour. After all, you don’t want a blade to break while you’re making a thick cut. So, take care to adjust the screw tension before beginning to cut.
  5. If you break a blade, remove the wood and then install a new blade: Before you install a new blade, remove the wood. For this, you will need to cut the same line using a new blade once more and start sawing in the centre of the cut. This will leave a notch and you will damage the new blade entirely.
  6. When you cut, take a close look at the size and texture of the chip: If you place too much pressure on the saw while sawing, you will get heavy chips that are also singed. Powdery, fine chips mean that you place too much pressure on the saw. To ease the pressure, use a steady hand and reduce the pressure you exert for best results.
  7. Read the instructions before use: When you cut metal, stop to read the instructions that accompany your metal blade.

How to be safe when using a band saw

Though the band saw is considered the safest of all woodworking devices, yet it is dangerous because it can injure you if you do not use it carefully. Here are some ways by which you can reduce the risk of injury and get the most out of this woodworking machine:

Be physically safe: Using a band saw improperly can cause you to lose a body part, or suffer from trauma leading to blindness. In extreme cases, you can also die if bleeding from an artery cannot be controlled. However, if you strictly follow all safety rules pertaining to the use of a band saw, you can be safe.

Wear protective equipment: If you’re working with woodworking tools, you must wear safety glasses. This is because the blades of a band saw rotate at a fast speed and small stock pieces can be thrown in the air in just about any direction. Plus, if a blade breaks, a piece could easily break loose and perhaps hit your eye. So, don’t take chances when working with wood. Wear protective glasses always.

You should also wear earmuffs when working with wood as this work can be extremely noisy and you could do with some protection for your ears.

Be attentive: Be very attentive to what you’re doing when cutting with a band saw. Don’t talk to anyone, listen to them speak, listen to music, sing or dance or indulge in any other activity. Do not interrupt anyone cutting either.

Don’t have your hands too close to the blade: Never have your hands closer than three inches from the blade. Have one hand on either side of the stock and let it pass through the blade smoothly. Don’t let your hand be in the cut line, even at a distance of three inches. If you want to hold the stock nearer than three inches, use a push stick. Also, don’t reach across the band saw. If the power button is near you, use the hand near the button to switch it on or off.

If small stock pieces of wood fly off the band saw when you cut wood, don’t get them off the blade using your fingers. Use a push stick or stock piece when the blade has stopped functioning for this purpose. Also, ensure that loose small pieces of wood aren’t lying on the table as they could prevent you from getting a good cut.

Hold the stock carefully: Keep the stock carefully and lay it flat on the table. Don’t make the mistake of holding the stock up in the air and try to cut it. Cutting material in this way can make your hand slip and go straight into the saw.

Don’t wear loose and long sleeves: If you wear long and loose clothing it could get caught in the saw’s blade and pull you closer to it. Instead, wear short sleeves.

Switch off the band saw when done: Once you’ve finished your woodworking task, switch off the band saw. Also, ensure that you don’t leave the band saw unattended once it’s up and running.

Before you make a cut, check your band saw: In order to keep the blade in position right through a cut, a band saw uses a large number of blocks and wheels. Check these wheels and blocks for regular wear and tear. If these wheels and blocks aren’t adjusted perfectly, it will lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the blade, causing the blade to snap prematurely.

Have a first aid kit ready: It’s good to always be in a state of readiness, and so it is also with using a band saw. After all, injuries and accidents can happen at any time. So, to prevent injury, damage or death, it would help if you knew how to treat a bad gash. If the arteries in your wrist are cut, you could lose a lot of blood. If in the course of working with the band saw, your colleague’s fingers are amputated, they need to be handled with great care so that they can be easily reattached. You can also prevent infection if you keep all cuts clean.

Have a clean band saw area: Any small tools, scraps of wood, wires or garbage lying around can cause a big accident, so ensure that this area is always clean.

Author: John Clax

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