7 Tips For Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Small Spaces

If you live in the city, then chances are that you have a small patio or balcony as compared to your friends who live in the countryside. The space becomes smaller if you live in an apartment in the city. Selecting the right outdoor furniture for small spaces can be quite a challenge given the fact that the market is flooded with furniture that is specifically designed for these compact spaces. So before you invest your money into that beautiful piece of furniture you just saw in the shop, take some time to understand what you need and then pick furniture that not only meets your needs but is also cost effective.

Here are 7 tips on choosing the right outdoor furniture for small spaces:

  1. What is your lifestyle: Are you a social person or somebody who is looking to create a space to relax? If you socialize a lot, then you should buy a set of table and chairs. However, if you plan to simply spend a relaxed evening on your patio, then you can buy a cushioned chair or recliner along with a table like the one here. By deciding what you want you can easily select the best piece of furniture for your patio or balcony.
  2. Consider your weather: How is the weather of the place where you live? Is it too hot and dry or does it rain often or do you live near the seashore? The reason is if you live in areas that are too hot and dry, your outdoor wood furniture may splinter and crack. People living in places where moisture content is high should stay away from wicker furniture, as it cannot stand constant exposure to moisture. If there is a lot of sunshine on your patio, it is better you choose wrought iron furniture, as it is resistant to fading. Or you can buy molded rattan furniture that can be used in any weather. If you live in windy areas, you shouldn’t buy aluminum furniture, which will fly away. Rather, invest in heavy materials that will resist blowing away.

Molded Rattan Furniture

  1. How big/small is your space really: What is the shape and size of your space? Is it a narrow balcony or is it a small deck? Use the area of the patio, balcony, or deck to determine the size of your furniture. Ensure that there is enough room to walk around it comfortably. Narrow spaces will accommodate bar tables and stools better than regular chairs and tables. See how they use bar tables and chairs in cafés or alfresco bars. Don’t attempt to squeeze large furniture into a small patio or backyard. Also remember that choosing large furniture is going to look out of place in a small deck. Measure your space and note all the architectural details like raised floors and steps.
  2. Durability: Whether you buy ornate furniture or minimalistic, it is important that you buy easy-to-maintain, durable furniture that should last for years. So look for features like rot resistance, high quality materials, fade resistant finish, and comfortable fabric. The right investment will give you years of comfort with minimum worry and maintenance.
  3. Make sure you have storage space: During winter you might have to stash the furniture indoors. This is especially important for wicker furniture, as it cannot withstand moisture. Covers won’t provide enough protection. So either make sure you have storage space or buy furniture that you can use indoors during winter. You can also buy furniture that folds, so you can cut down on your storage space. Even if space is not an issue you could benefit from buying portable or collapsible furniture.
  4. Decide on material for maximum comfort: The factors that you should consider for this are weather, ease of maintenance, and style. As already mentioned above, weather plays a huge role in determining the best material. Ease of maintenance is yet another important factor. You wouldn’t want to treat your outdoor furniture every other week. The idea here is to relax and have a good time. So pay attention to comfort. Buy cushions and pillows that are resistant to mildew.
  5. Budget: In the end it is your budget that determines what you buy. You have to buy furniture that is well within your budget. At the same time it should reflect your taste and give you long-term value for money.

Your home’s outdoor furniture is an expression of your lifestyle. Choosing the right furniture for your patio or balcony is an important decision so that you can spend quality time with your friends and family in the most comfortable manner.

Author: John Clax

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