7 Reasons To Choose Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture

Eucalyptus Wood

Eucalyptus Wood

Looking for patio furniture that won’t warp with the weather? If yes, you should be considering eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture, what with its several unbeatable advantages that you never thought it had. Now, more and more people are looking at this hardwood with great seriousness and realizing is many benefits of use as outdoor and patio furniture. These are:

  1. Dense and strong: Among the many types of hardwood, eucalyptus is highly dense and much stronger than others in this category. This furniture remains intact despite exposure to extreme weather, so it is a very good choice of garden furniture.
  2. Tough and durable: Experts in this field insist that this wood is extremely hard, possibly tougher than teak. This along makes it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Being highly durable and weather-resistant, it is also long-lasting.
  3. Rot resistant: Eucalyptus is a good choice for garden furniture as it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. This means it has an inherent property to resist decay, rot and garden pests and can face the harshest of adverse climate–whether harsh sun, icy cold winds, cruel snow or torrential rain. It is also rich in oil that naturally repels moisture and water. For these reasons, eucalyptus outdoor furniture can go on for many, many years and prove cost-effective to its owners.
  4. Easy to maintain: Looking after outdoor furniture made from eucalyptus wood is very easy. All it needs is a good wipe so that it is dust-free and that’s all. To increase its longevity and to maintain its rich color, eucalyptus furniture should be oiled from time to time.
  5. Fast growing and renewable resource: Unlike other hardwood types, eucalyptus wood is fast-growing, rendering it a highly sustainable and eco-friendly choice. When these trees reach maturity, they are ready to be harvested than their peers, making it a highly easily renewable wood source.
  6. Attractive for years: When eucalyptus is still very young, it will have a brownish color, but as it ages, it will sport a silver sheen, so it will age with style and elegance which is very attractive. Eucalyptus furniture is also very lightweight and portable.
  7. Keep them indoors to increase their longevity: If you’re unsure of the effect harsh weather will have on your elegant eucalyptus furniture, why not keep it indoors? This will increase its lifespan and you can use it as indoor furniture. However, you may lack space for this as eucalyptus wood furniture can use up a lot of room in a garage or shed.
Eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture

Eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture

Tips to choose good eucalyptus furniture

The outdoor space adjoining your home is special to you and your family because of the privacy it offers, and of course, the fun. It’s a great place to let your hair down and have some fun. So, the ambience of this special spot should be chosen carefully by choosing the right garden furniture and accessories.

By choosing sturdy and attractive furniture, like eucalyptus, you bring in a whole lot of warmth and feeling here, which will remain with you for ages.

Here are some tips to consider when selecting eucalyptus patio furniture

What’s your weather like?

Ask yourself whether you live in hot, muggy or extreme weather? These are important considerations when buying wooden furniture for your outdoors. This is because some wood furniture can’t take the brunt of extreme weather and so will crack and splinter. By choosing wood that’s all-weather resistant like eucalyptus, you get the best of beauty and durability.

How do you want to use your patio?

Do you want to use it to entertain, or for small do’s or just to lounge in? Depending on your objective of having a dedicated outdoor space, you can choose matching garden furniture. One kind of wood that suits all moods and objectives is eucalyptus. You can also get a wide range of furniture in this wood, such as chair sets, dining sets, bistro sets, small chairs, bar stools, etc. 

Keep your home style here too

Your home style and decor should be extended to your choice of outdoor furniture. Let it not be a cut-off area from your home. Look at your patio as one more room of your home and look for harmony and consistency in style and overall elegance. 

How much space do you have?

The size and location of your outdoor space are critical to the kind of furniture you will finally choose. For instance, if this space is very sunny, you will have to choose garden furniture that can take the harsh sun. So, choose your wooden furniture, like eucalyptus furniture, which is sturdy, weather-resistant and rot-resistant.

Don’t overfill the area with furniture; instead leave enough room for people to walk around without dashing into any item of furniture. You can have one large central piece of eucalyptus furniture and a few smaller ones so that people have a choice of seating.


As always, your budget will determine just what you finally end up with–eucalyptus or any other furniture. Look for the best style and combination of furniture that will fit your budget and give you good value for your money. You could even mix and match styles using individual pieces that look good and are sturdy too.

The outdoor space of your home is a revelation of your family’s lifestyle and personality. You can choose to use it as often or as sparingly as you like or keep it just for informal parties–the choice is yours. But create a space outdoors that you’re going to love spending time in. 

Kinds of outdoor furniture to buy

There are many kinds of outdoor furniture you could buy, such as:

Bistro sets: These are best for small balconies or apartment patios or to fit into a small nook as a breakfast table. You can have a really attractive eucalyptus bistro set and dress it up with sunny colored cushions and accessories.

Dining sets: Here’s a fun spot for the entire family, particularly if you love the gentle sun on you while you enjoy your family meals. An extendable eucalyptus dining table could look majestic and give the comfort and style of classic indoor furniture and ambience.

Conversation sets: A couple of these chairs with a matching table could provide a nice private spot for you and your spouse, particularly if you set it up in your backyard.

There’s a lot you can do with eucalyptus furniture and your open space, all it needs is a little creativity.

Author: John Clax

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