3 Must-Have Electronic Gadgets For Woodworking

If you’re looking for a gift for a woodworker friend that he’d appreciate, why not gift him digital measuring tools? These electronic gadgets are perfect for woodworking projects and they are so reasonably priced that they won’t pinch your pocket.

Why buy electronic gadgets for woodworking?

Well, to begin with, they bring a lot of accuracy to your work, are incredibly convenient and as gadgets, they are very appealing. For all their pluses, they are highly affordable and easy to wrap. For woodworkers, it’s a big boon.

Here are some that you might like to consider for their individual strengths:

Digital Fractional Calipers

Using these calipers, you can measure extremely accurately and ensure it’s right. You needn’t work with a measuring tapeelectronic gadgets for woodworking and hope to God that your measurement is right. These calipers can be successfully used to measure material thickness, hole depth and diameter of a drill bit.

When you go shopping for calipers, be sure to buy the fractional type like this one over here. With this gadget, you can measure in fractional inches and in decimal and in millimeters. If you buy digital calipers that aren’t fractional, they will read in thousandths of an inch and you will be left converting it into fractions, thereby increasing your work and leaving you confused and wondering if you’re right.

All woodworkers will find the digital caliper extremely useful. If you too need to do a lot of calculations, consider buying a a Fractional Digital Caliper if you work in fractional notations. Fractional readings are available right down to 1/128ths of an inch, which is as accurate as you can get. By pressing a button you can get the readout in decimal form for the maximum accuracy.

Digital Planer Read Out

This add-on gadget can be installed on several different portable planers. This gadget is easy to use and it’s extremely accurate. All you need to do is to measure the thickness of the wood and set the planer to just a little below that and there you go. If you want to hit a particular thickness, using this tool would be more than sufficient because the readout here will give you the exact material thickness that leaves your planer. So, if you don’t have digital calipers, you can use this readout too to measure board thickness.

Fractional Calculator

This is a reliable tool which works as an excellent calculator. So, you don’t have to do any mental maths to get the right measurements. Now, using this calculator, you can enter any fractions and carry out all the required math functions. It helps you calculate in yards, meters, feet and inches and has a in-built few buttons, including board feet.

You might find it difficult to find a gift for a woodworker, especially if he already has an impressive collection of tools and knows just what he wants. But whether you’re buying for a novice or a veteran woodworker, to stay relevant and for ease of use, it’s best to own a few digital measuring tools that will save time and effort. Besides, these electronic gadgets for woodworking offer accuracy, which is what every woodworker wants.

Author: John Clax

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