17 Clever Tool Storage Ideas

Once you use a tool, you set it aside and later wonder where you took it out from. Unfortunately, not all of us are as organized as we would like to be, or as our professions would demand. For instance, if you work with tools, you need to organize and store them correctly, but whoever does? If you’ve been wondering how your counterparts save time and energy just by being well-organized, take a leaf out of their book here. We present 17 innovative and surprisingly easy tool storage ideas that will make life easy for you. Choose any one or more of them depending on your space, need and time to make them:

Create extra space on your work bench

tool storage ideas

If your workspace is small and you need to accommodate your tools too, one great idea is to use your wall. Create a wall unit where you can stack up your tools. This gives you more room on your work bench and cabinets while organizing your tools and within your view. Check this great tool storage wall cabinet out and here and see how this is made.



Make your own docking and charging station

cordless drill organizer

Why do you need just a docking station only to store your power tools? Why not charge them while they remain there? Among all the power tools storage ideas you might have come across, this one rocks. It is a docking cum charging station is a fabulous solution for small spaces that end up being time-saving for you too. If you create a drawer here, it can store your screws, drill, bits, etc. too. . Check the source here.

Get yourself a vertical rack

Most tools are easy to store in an organized manner, except perhaps for clamps. Also, they’re difficult to keep in any one place, but with the rolling steel-frame vertical storage rack, or the Rockler Pack Rack, you can accommodate all kinds of clamps of a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. It also gives you two shelves with convenient places to stack your hand tools, glue bottles and any other accessories. Check this out here.

Build a mobile plywood unit

mobile tool storage unit

You never know which tool is going to come to your rescue at what point, so it’s practical to have them all with you while you work on a project. Here’s a mobile unit you can create with dedicated spaces for all your needs. And you can wheel it wherever in your shop or garage you work. Find out more about it here.

Use that coat rack for your power tools

Perhaps, you’ve put away an old coat rack, hoping to get rid of it at the next yard sale. Instead of that, you can now use it to hang your power tools. If you like the idea of a coat rack for your tools but don’t have one, you can look online for plans to design your very own coat hanging storage system. See how this innovative rack was made.

Hang them all on your pegboard

tool Pegboard storage

Here’s an extremely practical and logical way of storing all your tools and related supplies in one place. It’s barely 5.5” deep and can be cut to the size you desire to fit your wall. You can hang up just whatever you want–power tools, step tools, garden tools–you name it. Learn more over here.

An armoire for your tools

Tool cabinet

This is designed to be a chest on a stand so that it accommodates not just your tools but can also serve as functional furniture. It has quite a few drawers and cupboard areas for storage so your tools and accessories can all remain in one place, safe and secure. However, making it may take a lot of time, but once it’s done, you’ll be happy to use it in its entirety.  Source.

Make a workbench on wheels

Ana White tool storage solution

Ana White’s workbench idea isn’t just functional, it’s also versatile. It gives you enough space to organize your bench tools, table saws and anything else and it can be wheeled to wherever you’re working. Check it out over here.

Build a shed

storage locker for outdoor tools

If you’re looking high and low for your shovel or any other tools, you’re wasting valuable time. Get organized by building an accessible and compact yet spacious garden shed for your garden tools so that your yard tools remain in one place. Hang up your tools so that they don’t touch the ground and ensure they won’t be affected by the rains there. Among yard tool storage ideas, this is perhaps the best. Learn more about it over here.

Lattice racks can do wonders 

lattice rack

If you have long lengths of pipe, conduit and flashing, it would help to hammer in two lattice pieces to the ceiling, wall studs and cleats. Pass all that you need to store in long lengths through the lattices and let them lie horizontally until you need them. See more here.

Use a potting bench

potting bench storage solution

A DIY potting bench will take care of all your garden tools. It will take care of all your gardening needs. If you’re looking for some compact gardening tool storage ideas, you’re sure to like this one. Find amore about it.

A rolling cart with all that you need

mobile tool cart

A compact and versatile storage solution, it can even make room for your air compressor and your hammers, miter saws and any other accessories. Just slide it up to wherever you need it and work better, faster and more efficiently. From SawDustGirl.

A little PVC solves the problem

Tool storage ideas

If the number of tools you have is overwhelming and you need somewhere to put them, all you need is some PVC and a lot of imagination. You can arrange your tools standing against a board of PVC so that the total look is smart, durable and efficient. Source.

Magnetic holder

magnetic knife bar

Why should you dig through your drawers for that knife you need right now? Instead, have all that you need on hand whenever you want them with this magnetic holder. Check price.

Your whole cabinet in a box

folding tool storage idea

Fit everything you need by way of tools in this amazing unit with built-in lighting, an 8′ workbench and a detachable vise. See more here.

A place to keep your screws

screw storage idea

Get yourself some handy jars and screw their lids on the underside of shelves. Use them to store screws, bolts, nails and other small objects. This idea keeps your nails and screws out of your way but organized where they are. See the source here.

Shelves hung from the roof

Whether your workshop is large or small, you’ll always be short on space, hence this idea. Hang shelves from the roof in wire baskets or plastic if you please and store essential tools or accessories in them. Check this one over here.

Here’s another great resource for you. This article lists 65 ideas. 


Before you throw away anything from home, check to see if you can repurpose them for storing essentials in your garage workshop. These days, you’re only limited by your imagination, so do what it takes to be time, space and container-efficient.

Author: John Clax

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