10 Free End Table Plans

End table plansSome of the most useful pieces of furniture comprise end tables. So, it’s helpful to find end table plans for all kinds of styles along with variations in sizes and materials. You may be a woodworker or a hobbyist creating a weekend project or doing something spectacular, but an end table is always welcome in any room of your home.

Here are 10 top end table plans that will adorn your room:

1. Wordsnwood’s Easy End Table Plans: This end table makes for a good starter project. You can make it with ready to use lumber and using simple construction methods. Another advantage is that it requires just the minimum tools to make– just a table saw, drill, sander and a miter saw. In fact, you can also do away with the sander and sand it manually. Check them out here.

2. Woodworking’s Simple DIY End Table for 10 Plan: Using just a quarter sheet of plywood, you can create this simple design of end table, with a nail gun and drill. Use 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood or poplar. Once you’ve created the framework, you can now move on to do the edge banding. This can be made with thin strips of pinewood. Click here to read more about this plan.

3. Simple Rennie Mackintosh End Table Plan: For beginner woodworkers, this end table plan is perfect. However, if you have vast experience, you might like to create this end table because it’s both quick to do and easy too. You can make the table using paint-worthy yellow poplar. For the drawers, you can saw 0.5” thick material and 0.25″ thick material. You will need a drill, table saw and a plate joiner. You can find it here 

4. Outdoor End Table Plans by My Outdoor Plans: You can have an interesting end table on your patio or deck to rest your coffee mug or your newspaper. Making an end table is an exciting project that any newbie woodworker would enjoy doing. For this, pine, redwood or cedar are good options. The tabletop can be made using wooden slats or you could add some tempered glass. Once the table is ready, protect the wood by giving it several coats of paint. Click here to get it.

5. Gold-Dipped Tripod End Table Plan: This end table plan is at DIY level and is very easy to make. It is 25.5″ tall. Once you get the entire end table ready, dip its tips in gold paint. About two to three layers of gold should give it the right sparkle. As a final touch to this table, add a layer of polycrylic to safeguard the wood. Here it is for you.

6. Rockler’s Arts & Crafts End Tables Downloadable Plan: This end table, made in Mission style furniture, is full of signature features. However, one of the more significant details of this table plan is the tenon and mortise joints where you can actually see the tenons. At first glance, it might seem difficult to create but if you use a drill press technique and a few chisels, you can do a good job of it. Check this over here.

7. Bow-Front End Table Plan: You perhaps think that creating the curves of this end table is mighty difficult, but you’ll be surprised to see just how simple they are to make. The front curved, dovetailed drawers are the most fascinating features of this end table plan. Using the step-by-step procedure shown here, you can learn to make not just the drawers but also the distinctive design details of this beautiful yet simple end table. You can find this end table plan here.

8. Craftsman End Table Plan: This end table may seem like a conventional woodworker’s project but there are certain aspects that warrant a close look. To create this end table, use white oak. You will have to make four strong legs, with small spindles. They are to be joined with tenon and mortise joints. You have to make 18 spindles altogether, but using the shortcut taught here, you can make quick work of it. Here it is.

9. Curved-Leg End Table Plan: To make this elegant curved leg table, it’s best that you use a bent lamination method. Two aspects of this end table stand out: first the wide curve of its legs and second, the circular inlay in the rounded top. The legs are composed of thin wood layers, all bent and curved and stuck together. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that this decorative inlay isn’t wood but epoxy in a color. You can find this plan here.

10. The Traditional Pembroke End Table Plan: This end table is very thoughtfully designed to have a large storage drawer and two folded-down side leaves, making it an elegant piece of furniture in any room it is kept. All in all, it is a high-storage piece of furniture. By studying the plan of this end table , you can create an equally elegant end table. Check it out over here.

Now that you have 10 of the best end table plans before you, choose the one you want to go with and make a star addition to your home.

Author: John Clax

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