Top 5 Cutting Board Plans

Cutting Board PlansCreating a cutting board is a beginner level project for woodworkers. So, if you’re looking to practice your craft, making a cutting board is a good place to start. Here are five cutting board plans that you might want to execute:

  1. Hardwood Bread Board Plan: Here’s a hardwood bread board that you might like to try your hand at. What’s unique about it is that its underside is slatted. So, when you cut bread on it, the crumbs fall through on to the counter below. Once this happens, all you need do is to carry the board to the dinner table and leave the crumbs behind. Later, you can throw them away into the trash bin. This is not just a fun project to work on but your dinner guests will be impressed by it.

Just for the sheer beauty of maple, it’s a good idea to make this bread board out of this hardwood. Besides, it won’t ruin the bread knife. You might also like to make it out of birch, but avoid oak as food can get stuck in its grains. Check this plan over here.

  1. Basic Maple Cutting Board Plan: A basic cutting board is best made out of cherry wood or even hard maple. These cutting boards don’t just look good, they are actually very functional. Once you make your cutting boards, finish them with mineral oil. However, take care to buy a finish oil that’s meant for food. With proper attention, the maple cutting boards are going to last for ten years. See how to make this cutting board over here.
  2. Butterfly 3D End-Grain Cutting Board Plan: This cutting board has been created by Andrei Muntian, a Russian artisan. The process he uses is as spellbinding as the finished product. He uses a 3D butterfly design to create a cutting board. Here, he sets the board in panels of alternating colors, which gives it a truly unique and dazzling effect. If you want to create something like this masterpiece, you will have to download the plan on his website, MTM Wood for a fee of $14. Find out more about this plan over here.
  3. Creative Ideas for Home and Garden’s Cutting Board Plan: Estimated to finish within a weekend, this cutting board plan suggests making the cutting board out of maple or ash. It serves two purposes–one, the side of the board that has the handle will be used for cutting vegetables, while the other side has a magnet that will hold cutlery. This eye-catching cutting board is easy to make and smooth to touch. Check it out over here.
  4. Router Jim’s End Grain Cutting Board: This kind of cutting board makes a great gift. You can make it out of scraps of walnut, maple and cherry wood, with panels in the ratio of 4:5:5. Once the board is ready, you can apply mineral oil to give it a good finish. Apply it liberally and allow it to soak for a few minutes and then wipe off any excess. Now, your cutting board is ready to use. See the details about this plan over here.


With so many easy cutting board plans to choose from, you will neither have any difficulty making them nor can you complain of a lack of variety. In this gifting season, you can hand out a variety of them, each made of a different wood species.

Author: John Clax

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