Top 10 Rocking Horse Plans

Rocking Horse PlansIf you’re stuck on what to get your little child for his birthday or Christmas, here’s a good idea you can actually use. Why not gift him a rocking horse that you make yourself out of wood? This classic toy is something he’s sure to play on for a long time to come and will cherish it even after he grows older.

There are a number of downloadable plans the Net has for someone like you who needs to know how to craft a rocking horse. Here are 10 rocking horse plans that you can choose from and please your little fellow:

1. Free Rocking Horse Plans Andy: This delightfully colorful wooden rocking horse is just what your kid needs to be happy. In fact, there are two plans within the Andy range, one for Andy and the other for Andy Junior. The former has a seat height of 20″ while the latter is barely 14″ high. White wood is used to make these projects. You can download the plans for these rocking horses absolutely free from here.

2. Anthony Dew’s Rocking Horse Plans: This horse is best made out of birch plywood. The horse has an evenly smooth appearance with its grain showing through completely. Its silvery mane is very effective, particularly when worn in a braid. Its height is very dignified and stately and, for stability, it has two long strips of wood on either side. This makes it more the choice of kids than any other in its category. Check this plan here.

3. Ann White’s Ladybug Moped Rocker Plans: This rocker has been designed to thrill little girls. If you like the shape and appearance of this one, ensure that you make it out of hardwood, else it will break. If you want the ladybug’s signature body and spots to look their best, finish the wood with paint. You can find this plan here.

4. Woodworking’s Traditional Rocking Horse: This beauty has been assembled and created by Rick Harris. This rocking horse is made of plywood, though not entirely. Its head and legs are made of wood, but its neck, legs and thigh cheeks are made of foam. Finally, when the shape and form of the horse are achieved, it’s time to sand it down with sandpaper. This horse is seen astride a wooden stand. This stand is made of fencing pine. To give it a colorful look, you can paint it with latex and wall paint. You can see this plan over here.

5. Pinto Rocking Horse: This ready-to-play-with rocking horse is easy to construct and has a seat height of 16″. Check it out here.

6. A Medium Size Laminated ‘Rocky’ Rocking Horse Plan 129: Rocky stands 42@ tall and is 53″ long and 18″ wide. You can create this rocking horse according to the accompanying plans, actual size drawings and step by step instructions. This horse is meant for kids between three and nine years. You can download this plan from here.

7. Build Playroom Palomino Rocking Horse: Every inch a classic, this rocking horse is a winner among kids. It is 43.25 inches long and is made of walnut, cherry and maple. You can create this wonder using the accompanying plan. It costs $13.95. You can buy this plan from here.

8. Woodworking’s Build a Wooden Horse: Designed in AutoCad, this rocking horse’s plan makes a great build. Just follow its 15 steps to reach the end and you’ve got a wonderful rocker your kid is going to enjoy being on. See it here.

9. Free Plywood Rocking Horse Plans: Download the free plans for building this rocking horse and enjoy the process and beyond. Check this plan over here.

10. Woodworking’s Rocking Horse: This wonderful horse can be constructed in yellow pine. Get rid of knots and work in the direction of the grain for best results. Use the plans that pertain to this rocking horse and watch your kid enjoy his time on it. You can see this plan over here.


With so much variety in rocking horses, you’ll become an expert by the time you’ve finished making a couple. Just download these rocking horse plans or read about them and make your notes.

Author: John Clax

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