Top 10 Bathroom Vanity Plans

bathroom vanity plansIf you’re looking to improve the look and functioning of your bathroom, you should consider building a really nice and eye-catching bathroom vanity cabinet. While these cabinets may be expensive to buy off the shelf, surprisingly, you won’t find them difficult to create. Here are a few bathroom vanity plans that you can download and start with the project.

1. Woodworking About’s 32″ Tall Vanity Cabinet Plan: In this set of free woodworking plans, follow step-by-step through the process of building a 36″ wide, 24″ deep and 32″ tall bathroom vanity cabinet. The plan of this vanity contains a lot of information about cabinet building, so if you’re new to this craft, you can learn a lot here.

The vanity cabinet shown here is much larger than usual. It has a large open section with two doors and a large drawer. This cabinet can be further modified to fit any sized countertop of a bathroom vanity. The vanity is made of pine boards and plywood. Check this plan here.

2. Rustic Bathroom Vanity Plan: This vanity is made by combining stained pine with a modern sink. This combination gives it a mix of a rustic and a contemporary look. It has large storage shelves, making it practical for storing many things, and for the woodworker, it’s easy to create. See this plan with pictures over here.

3. 60″ Cherry Bath Vanity Plan: Here’s a shaker style tall vanity bath made of cherry wood. It comes with a two-sink top and the cabinet below has four drawers, centrally located. On each side of the drawer stack you’ll find two false drawer fronts and double doors, all flush mounted with beading. Have a look at this plan here.

4. Mission Style Open Shelf Bathroom Vanity Plan: This one’s different from all others. Here, you’ll find an open shelf bathroom vanity with large drawers that can accommodate a lot of storage space. It’s also easy to make mission style doors and a farmhouse character. You can get a plan for a single vanity and notes to make a double vanity too. You can find this plan here.

5. Ana White’s Farmhouse Vanity Plans: Made of pine wood and walnut plywood, this bathroom vanity is made up of three benches and a kitchen island. The sinks were made from metal bowls and the taps came from a plumbing company. This day project takes about nine hours to complete. For finishing, Minwax stain is used in dark walnut, followed by three coats of polyurethane. You can find this plan here.

6. Vanity on Wheels: This vanity is very different from any other. An old cycle seat becomes the base for a bathroom sink and on its handles rest a tray for towels. A chequered floor adds drama to the black cycle and white towels in a large and spacious bathroom. Check how to make it here.

7. Ornate and useful: Formerly an ornate and antique dresser, it was converted into an eye-catching vanity when a hole was cut into its top so that a sink could be placed there. Parts of it were painted white, leaving other parts exposed so that the vanity has a modern parquet appearance. You can see this plan here.

8. New Look Tree Trunk: A hollowed out tree stump is used as the base of a bathroom vanity. In its mouth is seated an onyx sink, giving it an antique look. Check it out here.

9. An Assembly of Twigs: Twigs are cut to uniform length and stuck together with adhesive to give a rustic look. The sink sunk into the twigs is entirely visible. This one is simply too creative to be ignored! Check it out here.

10. Standard Vanity: Originally a dresser, this vintage bath vanity has drawers which can be used for storage once all your plumbing needs are met with. Although vintage in style, it does add that fresh look to your bathroom. You can find this plan here.

Remember that these bathroom vanity plans can be cleverly modified according to your requirements. So as long as the height is comfortable and it is practical, go for it.

Author: John Clax

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