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When thinking about designing cabinets, there are a number of digital software packages which can remove much of the hassle from the process. In actual fact, the biggest headache to overcome is exactly which software package to choose from the myriad available.

As with any decision faced by a consumer, it is important that they recognise their needs and research the options on offer thoroughly. Different providers suit different needs. It is, for example, pointless for someone requiring a simple design for a single cabinet to shell out dollars on a complex software package when a download for a fraction of the price would produce something equally suitable.

To help would be designers to find the right software for them this handy guide will link into a selection of the very best packages currently available.

Smart Draw

Smart Draw has a free download available here and is extremely accessible for new users. Rather than beginning with a blank screen, the programme comes with readily available templates from which the designer can start.

The user interface is easy to use, and does not require the user to know how to use complex CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques. Not only does the programme give the user simple, but accurate examples of designs for cabinets, but also shelving, lighting, closets and other furniture are available as well.

Anyone looking to purchase a simple to use programme for light design work will find Smart Draw ideal.

Home Designer Interiors

Home Designer Interiors is also available for download here  and consistently rates 9 or 10 out of 10 in the majority of online reviews. For anyone wanting to design an entire room with different sized cabinets, this is one of the best packages available with thousands of options in its design library.

Although it doesn’t allow for plumbing or HVAC options in your design, the range of views and sheer number of options available more than make up for this shortcoming. In terms of cabinet designs alone, there are just short of 100 available to choose from. Quite simply, Home Designer Interiors contains one of the widest range of cabinet designs available – particularly for such a reasonable price.

KCD Cabinet Builder

Cabinet Builder by KCD is a specialist cabinet design software package aimed at the professional cabinet maker. It can be purchased here although be warned, it is extremely expensive.

However, you get what pay for, and a quick browse online sees many professional cabinet builders singing the praises of the KCD programme. The biggest difference between this and other software is that the user has a lot more freedom to design bespoke cabinets rather than rely or pre-ordained templates.

As well as giving the user a thorough design detailing which kinds of joinery are required, an accurate and detailed cut-list is produced which gives the builder precise dimensions to work from.


There are plenty of other cabinet design software packages available on the market which will cater for the needs of a beginner, an occasional cabinet maker or the seasoned professional who is looking to create something out of the ordinary. There is something out there for everyone.

Author: John Clax

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