How To Remove Rust From Tools

remove rust from toolsWhen your metal tools have rusted, don’t throw them away and buy a new set of tools. By removing the rust from them, you can continue to use them as before and save money too! Here are a few methods you can use:

Home remedies: The ingredients for these simple methods are sure to be on your kitchen racks. So, you can get started straightaway:

  • Soak your rusted tools in regular or white vinegar for a few hours and scrub off the rusty paste that emerges. If the tool is large and you cannot soak it in white vinegar, pour some of the liquid on the top of it and let it set. Alternatively, wipe it with a piece of soft cloth soaked in white vinegar.
  • Sprinkle salt on the rusted portions of your tools and pour lime juice over it. Be generous with the lime juice and let the tools soak in it for about three hours before you scrape it off.
  • Scrape off rust using lemon rind. It won’t damage the metal.
  • Make a paste of baking soda and water and spread it on the rusted parts of your tools. Give it enough time to set and then scrub it off.

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Store-bought materials:

  • Wash your rusted tools with liquid rinse and dry it thoroughly. Mix 25 ml of oxalic acid in 250 ml of warm water. Soak the tools for about 20 minutes in the acid solution and remove rust from tools using a brush. After you remove rust from tools, dry the tools before use.

Wear rubber gloves, protective clothing and goggles before you start out. Do not inhale the fumes of oxalic acid.

  • Buy a chemical remover made of oxalic or phosphoric acid. Be careful when using it as it can harm bare skin. To use this method, clean the tools with a solution of water and dish detergent so that the dirt and grease allow the chemical process to work. Wear protective gear as described above and get down to using this method.

To use, mix three tablespoons of oxalic acid and one gallon of water in a large plastic container so that the tools can be thoroughly soaked in it. Let the tools remain in this solution for about 20 minutes or till the rust goes completely. Once the rust goes, rinse it in warm water, dry and store the tools again in a safe and dry place.

  • Buy a rust converter that prevents further rust from developing on your tools. This helps if you intend painting over the metal.
  • Use abrasive tools like an electric sander, screwdriver or steel wool to scrape off the rust. Once you get the rust off, remember to sandpaper it to remove all marks that scraping might have created. This may need a lot of elbow work from you but once you do it, you’ll find the rust coming off easily. If you don’t have these tools, it would help if you rented them.

These are some easy-to-use methods to remove rust from tools that you can use for a long time to come.

Author: John Clax

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