Different Types Of Saws For Cutting Wood And Other Materials

Types of saws for cutting wood and other materials range from simple handsaws to effective power tools. For a small uncomplicated job, like cutting long narrow pieces of wood into sections, a small handsaw should be adequate. A hacksaw can be used for this too. These differ from a handsaw in that they have a narrow blade held under tension in a frame. However, if you have a large or complicated job to do you may need to employ something heavy duty, like a circular saw, a jig saw, a mitre saw or a table saw. If you choose a power version of one of these saws it will have a motor attached, meaning that very little effort is needed on the part of the user, except guiding the saw or material, of course.

If you need to cut at an angle you could use a mitre saw. This useful tool is used in conjunction with a mitre box, which guides the cutting blade. This is available as both a manual and a power tool.

Another saw of choice for the dedicated woodworker is the circular saw, a power tool that makes short work of long, straight cuts. The user simply guides the blade along the material to be cut. A table saw operates on the same principle except that the wood is guided through the blade. You will always be able to find a suitable saw for your needs. Here, we take a look at types of saw available and their uses.

Types of Saws

Whether the job you want to do is large or small, professional or amateur, it is always important to choose the correct types of saws for cutting wood for the job so that you are able complete the task safely and efficiently.

Author: John Clax

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