Bosch CRS180K Review

Bosch CRS180KThe Bosch CRS180K 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw is a compactly designed saw that comes with plenty of power. It easily gets into tight spaces and being lightweight, the user won’t get tired even while working for extended periods of time. It is perfect for construction workers and DIYers who love to do their own home projects like building a deck or making fence.

What you should look for in a Reciprocating Saw?

Reciprocating saws are mostly used for rough cuts and demolition purposes. Since their motors deliver immense power to the blades, they can easily cut tough materials like metal, masonry and wood. While these are often used in construction, plumbing and electrical industry, they have an important role to play in woodworking also. The Bosch CRS180K is one such reciprocating saw that can handle hardwood 2x4s and 4x4s. It is easy to control it on thinner wood. There is minimal splintering. However, as the blade grows old, you may witness some splintering. The blade change is quick and simple. You can simply turn and pull the old blade out and push the new one right in.

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Features of Bosch CRS180K

– The CRS180K weighs 6 lbs and its dimensions are 18.5 x 10.8 x 5.1 inches. This means that this reciprocating saw is not only lightweight, it is compact also, which in turn translates into the fact that the saw offer less fatigue to the users.

– It has two speeds – 0-2,400 and 0-2,700 spm and its stroke length is 1-1/8″. This feature allows you to adjust the speed of the saw according to the material you are working on. Moreover the 1-1/8″ stroke length lets you remove more material per stroke. A longer stroke depth of 1-1/4″ or more is great for faster and aggressive cuts. In case you are looking for plunge cuts, you should get a tool that delivers shorter stroke length (e.g. 3/4″).

– There is a Lock-jaw blade holder system that helps in easy blade change. So the blade change is quick and simple. You can simply turn and pull the old blade out and push the new one right in.

– There is a variable speed trigger.

Easy Portability

The Bosch CRS180K is perfect for those who need freedom. Since it comes with 18v lithium ion batteries, it offers enhanced portability. It eliminates the need for carrying those bulky portable generators to the job sites that you have to when you are carrying the corded counterparts.

Comfort and Maneuverability 

Bosch CRS180KComfort is yet another factor that is important while a reciprocating saw. Bosch CRS180K offers its users reduced fatigue. While a corded saw is lighter, it is not maneuverable because its cord may hinder the movement. On the other hand a cordless saw like Bosch CRS180K offers perfect combination of comfort and maneuverability as it is cordless and lightweight. Plus the fact that it comes with a high voltage 18v lithium ion battery means that it is powerful and provides extended length of life.

The Bosch CRS180K can be used right out of the box. Just insert the battery and start cutting the lumber. The item that is shipped to you comes with a cloth carrying case. Overall it is great saw that feels good in hands. It comes with 1 year warranty. It is available at Amazon for less than $290.

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Author: John Clax

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