10 Easy Headboard Plans

headboard plansGreat headboard plans can change the appeal of your room! Headboards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can either buy them or you can make a nice one that will spruce up your bedroom feel. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom and it doesn’t go without being noticed. A good headboard can define your room’s style. Here are a few DIY headboard plans that you might like to follow:

1. Rustic Style Headboard Plan: The nice thing about this headboard is that either you can keep it in its rustic weathered look or you can stain it the color you want. When you select lumber for this headboard, you need to ensure you can create a weathered look. So, look for blemishes in the wood like nicks, knots and gouges. This project uses pocket-hole joinery. You can find this plan over here.

2. Storage Headboard Plans: Here’s a headboard that you can conveniently build over a weekend. You can store all your bedtime story books here in this customized headboard. Choose the wood you want–even plywood works well. Also, choose the finish, mattress size and decor. While the headboard that you lean against is closed, each side is open and you can stack your books there and anything important like your keys and wallet. Select the size of your headboard and the finish you want. Then, check out the assembly plans. Check this one out here.

3. Recycled Object Headboards Plan: This one’s perfect if you’re on a budget. You can make a headboard from some recycled objects like books, leftover wood flooring pieces, a headboard of books, bamboo poles and old doors. For a sleek and modern look for your headboard, sand the wood slats and whitewash them so that they lose some of their rough look but look rustic all the way. Here it is for you.

4. Artistic Headboard Plan: A painting or wall mural can make for a wonderful and impactful headboard. Of course, you can’t lean against it and read, watch TV or whatever, but to create drama, nothing could be better. You can see the details of this plan here.

5. A Pillow Headboard Plan: If you love stuffing your bed with pillows, well this headboard plan takes off all of those and arranges them into a pattern on the wall to act as your headboard. What a great and informal headboard without the use of wood or metal. Details are here.

6. Screen Masterpiece Headboard Plan: Can you ever imagine the elegant drama that a filigree screen can give when made to work as a headboard? With the entire room decorated in beige and cream, this headboard brings in contrast with its brown shade. It also plays a practical role of keeping out the sun. Click here to find more.

7. Fresh Canvas Headboard Plan: This neat and well-designed room actually finds enough room for art on its walls. In fact, the art doubles up as a headboard and makes its own quiet style statement. By moving the pillows to one side, you give it enough room for admiration. Check it out over here.

8. Canopy Chic Headboard Plan: For a change, the headboard isn’t something that’s behind and above you. This canopy style headboard covers the length of your bed in an informal yet chic way and makes a dramatic effect in its several colors. You can find the plan here.

9. Truck Bed Headboard Plan: To make this headboard, cedar logs have been combined with a tailgate taken from an old truck to make a unique four-poster bed. This Tommy Mitchell design makes for a unique and colorful headboard and bedroom. Click here to see this one.

10. A Sense of Drama Headboard Plan: Here’s a headboard that makes a unique statement here in your bedroom. You can recreate this one in your bedroom by creating a large patterned headboard, using satin printed material, a wooden plank, glue, pins and a few sewing skills. Here it is.

Author: John Clax

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